Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Ntshuks Bonga and the Dear Janes
Concert appearance: Wed., 16 July 1997

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

The Ghost Ship
Let's Go Thundering
Wide Open Star
Clean Steve
I Don't Remember Guildford
I Something You
The Ghost in You (Psychedelic Furs)
The Devil's Radio w/ Ntshuks
The Lizard w/ Ntshuks
This Could Be the Day
You and Oblivion
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Encore: Daisy Bomb w/ Dear Janes
Encore: Arnold Layne (Syd Barrett) w/Dear Janes and Ntshuks
Encore: The Speed of Things

After returning from a quick trip to London, and scanning the past week's
digests, it appears that no one has posted anything on last Wednesday's show
at the 12 Bar. Thus, I will emerge from my usual lurker mode to offer up a
set list as well as my brief comments...

Unfortunately, I did not have my recorder with me, as I had not planned to be
in London that night, so I was unable to tape the show :( Does anyone out
there know of anyone who did? I would really like to get a copy, if at all
possible - I have lots to trade.

Anyway, here is the set list, as I was able to take notes:

Ghost Ship
Wide Open Star
Clean Steve
I Something You
The Ghost In You
(Electric, and with Ntshuks Bonga on Sax)
Devil's Radio
The Lizard
(Electric, minus Sax)
This Could Be The Day
You and Oblivion
Driving Aloud
(Encore, Electric with Dear Janes)
Daisy Bomb
(With Sax)
Arnold Layne
(Electric - Solo)
The Speed of Things

BTW, Robyn was wearing my favorite lime green pants, with a white shirt and a
vest, and changed into the green and black diamond print shirt for the encore.

All in all, it was a quite a good show. However, it was really hot, the place
was packed, and there was little or no ventilation. I think Robyn kept the
between song banter to a minimum to move things along a bit. He even
commented during the encore that he would let us go so that we could all
replenish our lost fluids!

He also mentioned that they would be handing out information after the show
regarding the upcoming Antwoman Boat Trip! Sure enough, on my way out I was
handed a nice orange hand-drawn flyer for "Robyn Hitchcock at Sea," which is
occurring on August 16th at 5pm, at the Harbour Master's Pier in Lymington.
Tickets are 8 pounds, and are available from Antwoman (P.O. Box 14864, London
W4 2GD). Send a S.A.E., and checks payable to R. Hitchcock. Call 0181 677
4744 for additional info. I assume this will be like the infamous bus trip on
the Isle of Wight...


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