Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Mon., 30 Nov. 1998

Queen Elizabeth Hall
London, England UK

No set list available.

Some thoughts (no set list) on last night at Queen Elizabeth Hall

The support act, Whistler, were outstanding and highly talented. All
their songs sounded original and fresh and too artistic to be considered
pop. A kind of more sophisticated Cranberries meets Nick Drake.

Just before Robyn's set, someone dressed totally scarlet sat next to me
with dyed red hair. "So how long have you been Robynning ? I asked
politely. It turned out she was a Dear Jane and she had played with Robyn
all over America!!! We commiserated about last Novembers Jazz Cafe gig in
London where the DJ's had an unhappy time supporting Robyn. "Our worst
ever", she admitted. "We are better than that". I asked when they were
next playing and was told they were busy writing new songs and negotiating
contracts. Asked if I had ever met Robyn, "No", I replied "But I'd make a
good hanger-on". "He's a darling", came the reply " I'll introduce you"...

As Robyn opened up, the venue seemed to make him nervous and slightly on
edge. I didn't take notes but he opened with four or five rare songs or covers I couldn't recognise. For me, the highlights of the set were
guildford, I feel beautiful, nasa clapping, lost madonna, queen of eyes and
insanely jealous. One of Robyn's two encores included a Joan Baez cover
with Tim helpfully holding up the lyrics in one hand with a searchlight in
the other. I thought it was very apt for Robyn to sing 'I feel beautiful'
including that line about 'festival pier' at a venue just 50 yards from the
festival pier.

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