Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Sat., 13 Feb. 1999

Milano, Italy

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Arms of Love
Cheese Alarm
I Something You
Silver Dagger (Traditional, arr. Baez)
De Chirico Street
Sally Was a Legend
Beautiful Girl
Glass Hotel
I Dream of Antwoman
The Yip Song
You and Oblivion electric
Autumn is Your Last Chance electric
I Am Not Me electric
Queen of Eyes electric
Kingdom of Love electric
Swirling electric
Freeze electric
Only the Stones Remain electric (encore)
Queen Elvis electric
The Lizard electric
I Often Dream Of Trains acoustic (encore)

this show was quite a bit more sedate than the bologna affair, though he
did torque the energy level up for a few songs. paolo had the
record-level set a bit too high, which is a shame because it was a
damned fine show. when robyn's toured the continent in the past, he's
usually stuck with quite similar setlists. but as we can see, such was
not the case this time around, leastwise not for these two particular
according to "the asking tree", this is the first time Swirling has been
performed since 3/1/92! absolutely beautifully, too. i'm wondering
what the record is for longest gap between performances of a given song?
heh heh, is there a way to ask robynbase to search for that, john?
The Lizard was stunning. and *then* he tacked a monster Freezesque
guitar solo onto the end of it! wow!

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