Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock , Jon Brion, Grant Lee Phillips, etc
Concert appearance: Fri., 2 Apr. 1999

West Hollywood, California US
Set 2
Robyn joins Jon Brion and Co.

Set list:

Space Oddity (David Bowie)
Let's Spend the Night Together (Rolling Stones)
Last Match
I Can Talk To Fish Like Aquaman
All Thumbs
Bleach Me
Last Temptation Of Pork Fist (Noodles And You)
Emotional Hernia
When The Saints Come Marching In

Robyn left after "Stark", and the rest of the band finished off the
night with "My Ghost Is Made of Cleveland."

Robyn made a comment early on about this being the first show since his
operation two months ago. I hadn't heard about that operation; from
later comments, the reasonable inference is that he had a hernia.

Anyway, certainly nothing earth-shattering in the first set; a couple of
fun stories, a bit more rambling than usual. All of it was solo. The
later bit had Robyn, Jon, Grant, Ben, and the drummer whose name I still
can't remember; Jon solicited impromptu song titles from the audience
between each tune, and they ran with it. Last Match was a brilliant
rock song; Robyn just amazed us with how quickly he came up with the
tune. Definitely a highlight. The Aquaman tune, done bossanova style,
was a riot. All Thumbs was Grant's creation, was moody and really
clever. Another highlight. Pork Fist was done reggae style, and was

There was some uncertainty in the crowd whether the one song was called
"Bleach Me" or "Leech Me"; I'm in the bleach camp. Whatever.

I'm too tired to type anything more; tomorrow I'll give more details and
info about Saturday.

- Chris

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