Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock w/ Dear Janes
Concert appearance: Tue., 18 Mar. 1997

Santa Fe
Tivoli, New York US
setlist may be incomplete

Set list:

Gene Hackman acoustic
Heart Full Of Leaves
Madonna Of The Wasps
Beautiful Girl
No, I Don't Remember Guilford
The Yip Song
I Something You
I Am Not Me electric
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
Adoration Of The City
Queen Of Eyes
Kingdom Of Love
Daisy Bomb w/ Dear Janes
You Won't See Me (The Beatles) w/ Dear Janes
De Chirico Street
Arnold Layne (Syd Barrett)

Robyn introduced Arnold Layne as "An old English folk song"
Quite a bit of soloing in the mid section...certainly
longer than Rick's original solo break!!!!

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