Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Peter Blegvad and Syd Straw
Concert appearance: Mon., 28 June 1999

Hotel du Nord
Paris, France

Set list:

Gene Hackman
The Cheese Alarm
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
De Chirico Street
Silver Dagger (Traditional, arr. Baez)
Queen Elvis
I'm Only You
Glass Hotel
I Am Not Me
I Often Dream of Trains
You and Oblivion
Chinese Bones (encore with Blegvad and Straw)
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Sally Was a Legend
More Than This (Roxy Music) (solo encore)

I've got a very odd feeling he may have played Falling Leaves as an encore
on the second night, but I was very drunk by then (stone cold sober first
night), and I dreamed about him both nights I was there so that might
explain it.

Peter Blegvad was also excellent both nights, accompanied on bass by John
Greaves. And Syd Straw should be a higher profile artist than she is. On
the second night Robyn joined Bleg and Syd on harmonica during King Strut.

To answer Bayard. I saw Straw and Blegvad with regular band John Greaves
and Chris Cutler at the Woodcutter's Ball at the Embassy Rooms London,
England. There were other contributions from Eddi Reader (who is bonkers)
and Loudon Wainwright III (on Daughter). And from B.J.Cole on pedal steel,
Peter's brother Kristoffer and a female duo The Dear Janes (who have
supported Robyn in their time). Dagmar Krause, Anthony Moore and Robyn were
asked but couldn't make it.

Initially the Paris gigs were going to be separate solo affairs, but when
the promoter talked to each of our two main protagonists they expressed a
strong interest in playing together. And so it came to pass...

Loudon is playing there next month, as are Elliott Murphy and Corey Harris.
It often also hosts comedy gigs. British stand-ups especially. The bloke
who runs it is English. The booze is expensive but the atmosphere is pretty

Finally, I tackled Robyn about the novel. He's got to do a second draft,
and publication looks deeply unlikely this year.

jmbc. sinister but happy

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