Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Tue., 3 Aug. 1999

Ogden Theatre
Boulder, Colorado US
Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue

Set list:

Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer) a capella
Gene Hackman
Glass Hotel
The Cheese Alarm
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Autumn is Your Last Chance electric
Sally Was a Legend electric
Freeze electric, Sonic Boom on SFX

Shirt(s): B&W polka-dots

Report from the Ogden last evening:

The Shirt: Black 'n' white polka dots w/blue pants (same shirt from the
Rhino reissue promotional photo)

The Show:
Wayne from the Flaming Lips introduced Robyn by telling a story. He said
Robyn likes to drink a little at the hotel and then he jumps in the
elevator just before the doors close and begins to sing a cerse of
Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love" to his captive audience. Just before
they have a heart attack or call the cops, he stops at the next floor
and jumps out. As if to illustrate, Robyn began the set with a rousing
rendition followed by a 'GH' twofer.

He spotted a guy in the audience wearing a green shirt w/ a lantern on
it and yelled, "Is THAT a green storm lantern on that shirt?!" and then
bellowed a stream of conciousness midieval sounding poem about being on
the watch for the Evil One. Later, in the transition from acoustic to
electric, the acoustic was howling with feedback and he lifetd his arms
spookily as if he was riding the feedback 'wave' until the soundman
fixed the problem. Hilarious. He was in fine form and the altitude
didn't seem to be bothering him.

I liked ICQ (they are keeping the Theramin alive!), Sonic Boom was
interesting (and sounded great on Freeze). I split before Sebadoh and
the Lips. Robyn got the biggest applause when his name was flashed on
the screen at the beginning of the show.

Robyn's in-store performance is today at Twist & Shout @3pm. Details
forthcoming! /hal

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