Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Wed., 11 Aug. 1999

Atlanta, Georgia US
Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Cheese Alarm
My Wife and My Dead Wife
The Yip Song
I Am Not Me electric
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
Queen of Eyes
Listening To the Higsons with Sebadoh

Thought I'd send in the set list for Robyn in Atlanta:

Gene Hackman
Cheese Alarm
Dead Wife
Yip Song
(Switch to Electric-the Jazzmaster)
I am not Me
Devil Mask
Queen of Eyes
(with Sebadoh)
Listening to the Higsons

Clothes-polka dot shirt, light blue trousers

Robyn seemed relaxed and in a good mood. He made fun of our
Airport: "Oh yeah, Atlanta, concourse B" he spoke in a robot
voice to mimic the robotic voice you hear on the transport system
at Hartsfield international. He changed a lyric during "Gene
Hackman"- "I'll have a cold shower, I'll have a bottle of juice,
and when I go outside, I'll have a good excuse" don't know if
he's ever used this before or not.
He dedicated "Queen of Eyes" for Jefferson, meaning REM's now
disgraced ex-manager, Jefferson Holt. Robyn spoke a fair amount,
telling stories about the songs mainly, such as explaining who
Vera Lynn was in "The Yip Song" and about the scotty dogs. I
thought he got a good reception from the I believe sell-out Atlanta
crowd. I stayed for Sebadoh, and I liked Lou's songs. I left
before the end of the Lips.

One of my favorite songs on "Jewels" is "I feel Beautiful" and
I noticed today a lovely contrast in the section beginning "Yes,
we're alive, at the same time, Like mayflies, like fireflies"
both of which, especially the mayflies, have a very short life
span-reflecting the idea that once you find your loved one, it
seems you have such a short time to spend with them-followed
by "I been waiting round Covent Garden for you for centuries,
I been hanging round Festival pier for you,honey, for decades"
this contrasts so nicely with the preceeding idea-love is timeless-these
ideas may seem trite as I spell them out, but the imagery Robyn
uses brings them alive in a very untrite way. It just adds a
bit more to one of the most uplifting and redemptive songs I've
heard Mr. Hitchcock sing.


Robyn Hitchcock was his usual charming self, running through a solo set of oddly chosen nuggets spanning his career. I think he wore the same shirt he passed through Atlanta in 3 years ago, and his set doesn't seem to vary by night (down to the "Higsons" encore w/Sebadoh), which is too bad because he and Sebadoh are the only ones not hamstrung by backing tracks.


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