Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Kimberley Rew, Terry Edwards
Concert appearance: Mon., 27 Sep. 1999

Portland Arms
Cambridge, England UK

Set list:

Mexican God
I Something You
Glass Hotel
1974 [1]
I Wish I Liked You [2]
I Saw Nick Drake [3]
Cynthia Mask
Beautiful Girl
Madonna of the Wasps [4] enter Kimberley
The Cheese Alarm
Queen of Eyes
Birds in Perspex
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Sally Was a Legend
You and Oblivion
Insanely Jealous 1st encore (with Kim)
I Often Dream of Trains
Beautiful Queen [5]
The Speed of Things 2nd encore (solo)

[1] "Everyone still had hair and dope, but secretly you wished you'd joined the army."
[2] "This is the first time I've ever sung this in England."
[3] "I played this Nick Drake memorial gig recently, and it
was like the opposite of an Elvis memorial, because everyone was desperately trying not to sound like Nick Drake."
[4] "One of the reasons they first hated me here was that I was crap. But luckily I fell in with some musically minded types...Please welcome Kimberley Rew."
[5] (enter Terry Edwards and tambourinist called Leigh (?) who seemed to be Kim's amour)

jmbc -

P.S. Saw Kim being interviewed by 'The Biographer'

P.P.S. Robyn made a quite brilliant remark about Cambridge Uni. , and how he supported it wholeheartedly because - "You can't mass-produce contorted elitism." Also some swipes at the internet and computer culture (he imagined Hitler's website, etc.)

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