Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
In-Store appearance: Sat., 7 Aug. 1999

33 Degrees
Austin, Texas UK

Set list:

Mexican God
Beautiful Girl
Viva! Sea-Tac
I Often Dream of Trains
Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Let It Be Me (Everly Brothers)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Flatt & Scruggs)
Gene Hackman
Queen of Eyes
Raymond Chandler Evening

Shirt(s): Blue t-shirt

The small store was packed, and Robyn decided to forgo the public address
system, so it was kinda like having him play in your living room. He was
dressed more casually than I've every seen, in loose tan trousers and a
blue t-shirt. After he played "Peggy Sue" he remarked that he would never
play that for a paying audience, but often played it for himself. Other
topics included the revelation that he was a "chlorophyll based life-form"
and the fact that there were very few towels on this tour.

Well...I have to go to the gig now. I'll report back later.



The in-store performance at the 33 Degrees record store was sublime.
The audience was into it, and Robyn was into it, and it was a real
good vibe. I think Robyn and the audience had a great time together;
I certainly did. Hearing Robyn playing un-amplified five feet in
front of me was simply a beautiful experience.

I spoke to Robyn briefly after the performance (and had him sign my
copy of "Live Death" too). I asked him if "Daisy Bomb" was going to
be on the upcoming outtakes CD, and he said that it was. I didn't
really speak to him about anything else of any importance, but he was

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