Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock and the Café Largo Bunch
Concert appearance: Fri., 27 Aug. 1999

West Hollywood, California US

Set list:

Get Off Of My Cloud (Rolling Stones) improvised
Taught To Read By A Bicycle (beat poem!)
Foxey Lady (Jimi Hendrix) (beat/jazz style)
Ring of Fire (Carter/Kilgore)
Forever In Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond)
That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Fisher, Hill, Raskin)
Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley)
Son of the Evil Blood Destroyer (instrumental)
When You Wish Upon A Star (Harline/Washington)

Friday - Jon did his usual thing, taking requests from the crowd,
drinking excessively (he complained of a Jagermeister headache when he
started the set and promptly asked the bar for more. and a Guinness.)
and generally keeping the audience entertained. Someone requested "Get
off of my Cloud," and Jon said he'd only play it if Robyn sang. So
Robyn went up to the mic, flopped about like a Muppet with an
over-the-top rendition of the tune. Glen Hollman, who played upright
bass on Rufus Wainwright's album, appeared and played upright bass for
Jon. Later on, when the two were getting ready for the late set, Jon
realized they needed percussion. Having run out of musicians, he asked,
"Is there a jazz drummer in the house?" Someone responded in the
affirmative, and Jon actually asked him up onto the stage! As the three
got settled (the drummer's name was Blair Scinta [sp?], a name Jon just
loved), they summoned Robyn up to start things off with some beat

The rest of the night was basically improv jazz, with Robyn as frontman.

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