Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock's ROCK ARMADA
Concert appearance: Mon., 1 Nov. 1999

The Bowery Ballroom
New York, New York US

Set list:

Mexican God
The Devil's Coachman
I Wish I Liked You
You've Got A Sweet Mouth On You Baby
Queen Elvis [enter Tim]
I Saw Nick Drake [enter Jake]
Viva! Sea-Tac [enter Kimberley]
The Cheese Alarm [enter Lindsay]
Jewels for Sophia
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
Madonna of the Wasps
Queen of Eyes
Antwoman [enter Chris]
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask [exit Chris]
Birds in Perspex
Autumn is Your Last Chance
I Often Dream of Trains [enter Kimberley]
Insanely Jealous
Adoration of the City [enter everybody else but Chris]
Elizabeth Jade

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