Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock's ROCK ARMADA
Concert appearance: Sat., 20 Nov. 1999

The Troubadour
Los Angeles, California US
Set 2

Set list:

Nietzche's Way
The Devil's Coachman
Passing Souls
Alright, Yeah
The Cheese Alarm
Jewels for Sophia
Madonna of the Wasps
Queen of Eyes
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
I Often Dream of Trains
Insanely Jealous
I Feel Beautiful
Birds in Perspex
Beautiful Queen
Take This in Remembrance
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
Elizabeth Jade

Just a quick note about the 11/20 show, before I run out for a visit to
An outstanding evening from start to finish. Kototh, his wife, and
I spotted Chris F. and a friend while we were having dinner at a cafe
near the Troubador--turns out it was none other than Eddie T. himself.
After dinner, we got in line at the club and met amoung others, Jason
T., Jeme, Viv, Dave P., Aaron & Darcy, and the just-in-time Eb...maybe
others--I was still a bit ragged from the middle of the night drive from
Phoenix after getting an hour of sleep (worked late on Friday), so
details like names are a bit of a blur. Anyway, to say the least, it was
worth every bit of effort--friendly people, cones, my first chance to
FINALLY see Kimberley in action, and the band just sounded GREAT!! I'm
sure that a set list or two will appear on this edition of the digest,
so I'm not going to strain my brain too much--I'm in vacation mode and
being a lazy flake is about the only thing on the agenda. To sum it all
up,"WOW!!!!" I'm really looking forward to the end of tour "party" at
the Mint on Monday--looks like I'll catch more than one "Armada" show
after all! Way too cool. Later, Marc

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