Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock's ROCK ARMADA
Concert appearance: Mon., 25 Oct. 1999

The Echo Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia US

Set list:

Mexican God
The Devil's Coachman
Take This in Remembrance
De Chirico Street (enter Tim)
I Saw Nick Drake (enter Jake on bass)
Jewels for Sophia (enter Lindsay and Kimberley)
The Cheese Alarm
Madonna of the Wasps
Queen of Eyes
Birds in Perspex
She Doesn't Exist (encore 1)
You and Oblivion
Kingdom of Love
Adoration of the City (enter Rock Armada)
Elizabeth Jade
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask (encore 2)
Sally Was a Legend
Beautiful Queen

I pulled into Atlanta around 3:30 or so on Monday, October 25, driving up
from Tallahassee. I did a quick few hours of record shopping at Wuxtry and
Wax'n'Facts before heading down to the Echo Lounge area of town. I slipped
into the Flatiron pub and ordered a Guinness and within minutes Bibi G.
showed up. Great girl, Bibi. She's been on the list for years, but
doesn't do that much posting. Anyway, she's a lit professor at Georgia
Tech and super super nice. Her friend Scott eventually turned up and we
strolled around, grabbing a bite to eat. Bibi was ecstatic when I let her
touch my foil Thoth hanging from my rearview mirror. Anyway, we stopped
back in at the Flatiron to see if Eddie had showed up yet...what with his
16 hour drive from Austin. There at the bar was a head-shaved guy hunched
over an ice water. Yep...Eddie!

After initial intro's and some talk, we zipped over to the Echo Lounge.
The Echo is a newish place (small, dark, your typical club) that has stolen
all the business from The Point, which has now closed. Anyway, doors
opened rather late. The interior is half black-walled club, half
spacey-retro chic lounge. Eddie said it was straight from the set of
Sleeper. Nice suspended bubble chairs and some Mork'n'Mindy rockin' egg

Tim Keegan & Departure Lounge came out (introduced by a t-shirted Robyn)
and did a wonderfully atmospheric-mellow set. No one should miss them!
Their drummer Lindsay is simply stunning to hear and watch. Very tasteful,
whatever that means. Lots of little casio synths, odd percussion, etc. I
didn't pick up their CD (yet), but really enjoyed the set.

Robyn strolled out a bit later wearing the ubiquitous green/purple flower
trousers and black linen shirt (apparently his garb of choice for the first
leg of the tour). Robyn sat quite a bit because of his back injury. He
even mentioned that "I've been in show business for 25 years, and this is
the first time I've even sat through most of a show". Of course, Robyn
toughened up as the evening wore on and braved the pain to stand through
most of the electic set.

Starfucking note: Adam Duritz was standing around chatting right next to us
up by the stage. A few people gathered around him, but most just snickered
and stayed away.

Of the first 5 shows or so of this tour, this was the only one where Robyn
did 2 encores!

Oh yeah, Robyn mentioned the new CD (out January 2000) will be called "A
Star For Bram" (Bram?).

More to come...
Mike R

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