Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Kimberley Rew, Tim Keegan, Jake Kyle, Patch Hannon
Concert appearance: Mon., 31 Jan. 2000

Fleece and Firkin
Bristol, England UK

Set list:

Mexican God
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Victorian Squid
Glass Hotel
Queen Elvis enter Tim Keegan
I Saw Nick Drake enter Jake Kyle
The Cheese Alarm enter Patch Hannon & K. Rew
Jewels for Sophia
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
Madonna of the Wasps
Queen of Eyes
Adoration of the City
Birds in Perspex
Encore: Airscape encore w/ Morris Windsor et al
Encore: Kingdom of Love
Encore: Insanely Jealous
Encore: Eight Miles High (Byrds)
Encore: Old Brown Shoe (George Harrison)
Encore: Beautiful Queen

Yes, it was a corker of a gig - much better than last time I saw him (a
rather lacklustre performance at Oxford). He was in full-on jangle mode
for most of the evening - Birds in Perspex, Oceanside, QoE, Madonna of the
Wasps etc. Also a nice duellijng harmonicas version of Queen Elvis with
Tim Keegan. High point for an Egyptians fan was the appearance of Morris
Windsor to duet with Robyn on Airscape, then to play drums on Kingdom of
Love and Insanely Jealous - three Soft Boys on stage together!

Regular drummer Patch Hanna returned to the seat for Eight Miles High,
which had Morris and Tim on stunning harmony vocals. This was followed by
'a George Harrison song'. What would you choose, folks? Soomthing? Bewur
of Darkness? Taxman? No, none of these, he had dug out the obscure Beatles
B-side 'Old Brown Shoe' and the whole band zipped into it with joie de
vivre and aplomb. Finale was 'Beautiful Girl'.

Anyhow, Darbi, this one was super-wizzo-sonic!

-Mike G

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