Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians
Concert appearance: Fri., 19 June 1987

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury, England UK

Set list:

Point it at Gran
Egyptian Cream
Acid Bird
Insanely Jealous
Raymond Chandler Evening
A Bad Case of History
Kingdom of Love
I'm Only You
Queen of Eyes
Brenda's Iron Sledge
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Tell Me About Your Drugs

The 21 June 1986 gig was my _first ever_ Robyn Hitchcock show - the one that
got me hooked. I think it was a full Egyptians lineup
Robyn-Morris-Andy-Roger. I subsequently bought a tape of that gig which I
still have. What date do you have for Roger leaving the Egyptians?

Naturally I went back for Glastonbury 1987, but was disappointed to find
Matthew Seligman playing instead of Andy. They didn't seem very together,
and stuck to old tunes - Kingdom of Love etc. I didn't really know
anything about the Soft Boys then and I was disappointed at the lack of
songs from 'Element' and 'Fegmania'.

Round about the same time (1987-88) I saw a few 3-piece Egyptians gigs at
Moles in Bath, at the Bierkeller in Bristol and at the Western Star Domino
Club (great name for a gig) also in Bristol. After that I basically lost
sight of Robyn until I heard about the first of the Isle of Wight events
in 1995(?).

- Mike Godwin

actually, i was just listening to the show last week, and in introducing the
band, robyn actually introduced their "long-time" road manager, howard
gilman (presumably the same "howie" that andy can be heard addressing in

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