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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 8 records:

Black Snake Diamond Role, 1995  (CD)  Sequel Records RSA CD 819
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1995  (CD)  Rhino Records R2 71820
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1987  (Vinyl LP)  Base Records GI LP 54
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1987  (CD)  Aftermath Records AFTCD 1
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1986  (Vinyl LP)  Relativity Records 88561-8088-1
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1985  (Vinyl LP)  Aftermath Records AFT 1
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1985  (Cassette)  Relativity Records 88561-8088-4
Black Snake Diamond Role, 1981  (Vinyl LP)  Armageddon Records ARM 4


The sun is shining on the ground
I see that nothing makes a sound
I move, invisible as air
And choose the time to disappear

Ah ah ah ah
I'm in love with you

The spirits started long ago
They've found somewhere they couldn't go
They spend their time just looking out
For those who never share a doubt

Ah ah ah ah
They're in love with you

The seagull on the seeping sand
Can die but never understand
The oil that festers on our shore
Will cast a stain forevermore

Ah ah ah ah
Who's in love with that?

Gnomes are moving through the night
They sing and fiddle with delight
And we eat Weetabix and sing
About the joys that love can bring

Ah ah ah ah
If they ever come
Ah ah ah ah
If they ever come

The sun is shining very hard
It melts both margarine and lard
But me I only dream of you
I hope that you are dreaming too

Ah ah ah ah
I'm in love with you
Ah ah ah ah
I'm in love with you
Ah ah ah ah
I'm in love with you


And every place they couldn't be  9a
They found another piece of me   10a

(21) Weetabix: a shredded wheat cereal

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Known to have been played live at 12 gigs:

Robyn Hitchcock:
Onkel Po's (Hamburg, Germany), 2/17/1985 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Electric Screen Cinema (London, England UK), 9/6/1985 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Northern Lights (Minneapolis, Minnesota US), 11/23/1986 (In-Store)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Hackney Empire (London, England UK), 2/17/1988 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: WBCN (Boston, Massachusetts US), 4/1/1988 (Radio)
Robyn Hitchcock: Ronnie Scott's (London, England UK), 6/5/1988 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Golden Gate Park Bandshell (San Francisco, California US), 7/3/1989 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Maxwell's (Hoboken, New Jersey US), 9/22/1989 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: McCabe's (Santa Monica, California US), 5/25/1990 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Fine Line Cafe (Minneapolis, Minnesota US), 7/24/1990 (Concert)
Yo La Tengo: Mitchell Theatre (London, England UK), 5/13/2000 with Robyn Hitchcock (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Maxwell's (Hoboken, New Jersey US), 1/9/2004 Ira Kaplan (Concert)

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