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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 7 records:

The Soft Boys 1976-1981, 1993  (CD)  Rykodisc RCD 10234
Raw Cuts, 1990  (Vinyl LP)  Overground Records OVER 010
The Face of Death, 1989  (Vinyl 7")  Overground Records Over 04
Raw Cuts, 1989  (CD)  Overground Records OVER 05
Wading Through A Ventilator, 1987  (Vinyl 12")  Delorean Records Soft 1P
The Yodelling Hoover, 1986  (Vinyl 12")  DeLorean Records Soft 1P
Wading Through a Ventilator, 1984  (Vinyl 12")  The DeLorean Record Co. SOFT ONE


Everything goes down, oh yeah
The jewels in the crown, oh yeah
She don't know why she does it, oh no
Maybe just because it tickles

You're very French
But your heart's a target for the east

There she goes again
Singing on a train
Sucking on a brain
Crawling through a drain
Oozing with a snake
Hope it doesn't break
Squashing on a cake
Tease me on a lake

I'm very dry
But my lips are tempted by your heart

Here come the yodelling hoover
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you

Baby, what's the use
Of being an excuse
Your dust encrusted rust
Your dessicated lust
Of other people's stuff
You never get enough
And everything you see
It goes into your mouth

She's very fat
But her heart's encrusted by the spines

Here come the yodelling hoover
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you
Here come the yodelling hoover
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you
She's gonna yodel over you

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Known to have been played live at 1 gigs:

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians:
Hope & Anchor (Islington, England UK), 9/29/1984 (Concert)

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