Robyn Hitchcock Song Catalogue

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Title Author Note Lyrics Tabbed Count
The Abandoned Brain       Yes    
Aether       Yes    
Alien       Yes    
All I Wanna Do is Fall in Love       Yes    
Amputated       Yes    
Andy Kershaw Jingle          
Ant Corridor          
The Asking Tree       Yes    
August Hair       Yes    
Autumn Sea       Yes    
Belltown Ramble       Yes    
Bloat       Yes    
Blues in A       Yes    
Brenda Part 1   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Brenda Part 2   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Bright Fresh Flower       Yes    
The Can Opener       Yes    
Certainly Clickot       Yes    
Cherries       Yes    
College of Ice       Yes    
Comin' Through       Yes    
The Crawling       Yes    
Creatures of Light          
Croydon   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Crumble Like Dust          
Dancing on God's Thumb       Yes    
Do Policemen Sing?       Yes    
Don't You       Yes    
Dreams       Yes    
The Dust       Yes    
Eaten By Her Own Dinner       Yes    
Embryo Twirl       Yes    
Empty Girl       Yes    
Fatman's Son       Yes    
Fiend Before the Shrine       Yes    
Frank Sinatra (spoken)          
Furry Green Atom Bowl       Yes    
Goodbye Maurice or Steve       Yes    
Happy the Golden Prince       Yes    
How Do You Work This Thing?       Yes     10 
I Fall Into Your Eyes          
I Wanna, Er. . .       Yes    
I Wish I Was Doing This          
If I Could Look       Yes    
I'm a Spider   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Innocent Boy   Hitchcock/Mayer     Yes    
Into It       Yes    
It Was the Night       Yes     12 
It's a Mystic Trip       Yes    
It's Hard to Believe I'm Not   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
It's Not Just the Size of a Walnut       Yes    
Keeping Still       Yes    
Kimberley's Tune          
Knife       Yes    
Let There Be More Darkness       Yes    
Luxor       Yes    
Maria Lyn       Yes    
Meat       Yes    
Mellow Together       Yes    
Midnight Fish       Yes     13 
Mr. Deadly       Yes    
Mr. Tongs       Yes    
My Dreams Are Scars          
Nocturne (Demise)       Yes   Yes  
Nothing       Yes    
The Pit Of Souls     Country Version, Parts I-IV   Yes    
Rain, The       Yes     13 
Round Song       Yes    
Salamander       Yes    
Secrets   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
The Shapes Between Us Turn into Animals       Yes    
She Was You          
She Wears My Hair       Yes    
(Like a Real) Smoothie       Yes    
Song No. 4       Yes    
Stop the World   R. Hitchcock/C. Sensible/T. Mansfield        
Stranded in the Future       Yes    
Sweet Ghost of Light       Yes    
Take Your Knife Out of My Back       Yes    
Then You're Dust       Yes    
Transparent Lover       Yes    
Vegetable Friend       Yes    
Vyrna Knowl is a Headbanger       Yes    
Wang Dang Pig       Yes    
Welcome To Earth          
Which of Us is Me       Yes    
The Wolf House       Yes    
You and Me       Yes    


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