Robyn Hitchcock Song Catalogue

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Title Author Note Lyrics Tabbed Count
Andy Kershaw Jingle          
Ant Corridor          
Brenda Part 1   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Brenda Part 2   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Creatures of Light          
Creeped Out          
Croydon   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Crumble Like Dust          
Demons and Fiends          
Don't Look Down          
English Girl          
Everybody Needs Love          
Flanagan's Song          
Frank Sinatra (spoken)          
Full Moon In My Soul          
Get Rid Of The Fucking Death Penalty          
I Collect Butterflies          
I Fall Into Your Eyes          
I Wish I Was Doing This          
I'm a Spider   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
It's Hard to Believe I'm Not   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Keep Finding Me          
Kimberley's Tune          
Let the Sun Begin to Make You Feel Better          
Moose Mark and the Prince of Cones          
Muriel's Hoof/The Rout of the Clones          
My Dreams Are Scars          
Ring Them Bones          
Secrets   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
She Was You          
Sometimes A Blonde          
Stop the World   R. Hitchcock/C. Sensible/T. Mansfield        
Take This in Remembrance          
Welcome To Earth          
We're Gonna Live In the Trees          


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