Robyn Hitchcock Song Catalogue

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Title Author Note Lyrics Tabbed Count
1964 Song           n/a
The Afterlight           n/a
Alien Chuck           n/a
Alien Chuck #2           n/a
All Thumbs           n/a
All Your Wicked Friends           n/a
And Ghosts Walk           n/a
The Angel Upstairs           n/a
Announcement           n/a
Anthem           n/a
Appreciate You           n/a
Arabian Takeaway           n/a
The Arising           n/a
Autumn Leaves           n/a
Baby   Robyn Hitchcock/Martů         n/a
Babydoll           n/a
A Bad Case of History           n/a
Bad Decision           n/a
The Band Faust           n/a
Beatle Dennis (See Flesh Number 1)           n/a
Beautiful Scream           n/a
Bee Man Ray           n/a
Beetle Train with Antlers           n/a
Belinda Carlisle           n/a
Big Brown Eyes           n/a
Bip Bop (Dog and Onion)     Improv song with sound effects provided by band.       n/a
Bizzare Instrumental           n/a
Black & White           n/a
Bleach Me           n/a
Blues In E           n/a
Bob Dylan, KGB           n/a
Bonde M'teko Stomp           n/a
Brain Death           n/a
A Brand New Day           n/a
Candy's Engine           n/a
Chain Mary to the Bed     I Thought I Saw Julian Cope       n/a
Changing Into Maryland           n/a
Cherry-Red Daughter           n/a
Chug-a-Lug           n/a
The Colonel and Lady Guevalt           n/a
Consider Her Ways           n/a
Country Rose           n/a
Dancing on Your Thumb           n/a
Daydream           n/a
Degrees of Nice           n/a
Dental Origin           n/a
The Devil You Know           n/a
Digital Spaceship           n/a
Direct Me to the Cheese           n/a
Do You Love Me?           n/a
Doctor Lucy           n/a
Donna Summer           n/a
Don't Even Try It           n/a
Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover           n/a
Don't Lose the Child in You           n/a
Don't Lose the Sweetness in Your Heart           n/a
Don't Maim the Children           n/a
Drip Drop           n/a
Dysentery Fix           n/a
Edge of the Land           n/a
Eggballs           n/a
Electrolite           n/a
Element of Air           n/a
Emotional Hernia           n/a
The Feelers Was Everywhere           n/a
Flamin' Shoe           n/a
Flesh is Not For Eating           n/a
Forming           n/a
Forthcoming Attractions           n/a
The Fortunate Son           n/a
Four Lonely Lamps           n/a
Four Walls           n/a
Fucked Up & Left For Dead           n/a
The Funky Old Sailor           n/a
Further Scenes From A Family Life           n/a
The Gallant Poacher           n/a
The Glory of Love           n/a
God of Beaks           n/a
Gonna Build a Bonfire           n/a
Graveyard Standing           n/a
The Great Crustaceans           n/a
Green           n/a
Hail On Debbie           n/a
Hair           n/a
Hanging Moose           n/a
Hanging Out with Dad           n/a
Harmony (?)           n/a
Here Come the Nuns           n/a
Horrible Strings           n/a
House of Lots           n/a
The Hummingbird and the Saguaro (The Sugar Tongs Minuet)           n/a
I Can Talk To Fish Like Aquaman           n/a
I Changed the Lock           n/a
I Feel Love           n/a
I Grew Some Hair           n/a
I Says to the Cheese           n/a
I Thought I Saw Julian Cope           n/a
I Wanna Appreciate You           n/a
I Wanna Destroy You II           n/a
I Wanna Go Backwards           n/a
I Watch the Cars #2           n/a
I Wish I Could Fly           n/a
I Wish I Could Fly           n/a
I Wonder What It'll Be Like to Be Blown to Bits?           n/a
If We Had a Baby           n/a
If We Hear Music           n/a
I'm a Guy           n/a
I'm a Very Big House           n/a
I'm Running Over           n/a
In Rome           n/a
Instrumental           n/a
Instrumental (unnamed)           n/a
Instrumental in G           n/a
Interlude           n/a
The International           n/a
Interview           n/a
It All Adds Up           n/a
It Should Be Darker           n/a
It's a Hedblade           n/a
It's a Man's Life           n/a
It's Just A Church           n/a
It's Not Because I'm Not           n/a
It's the Life           n/a
I've Had It (But I Want You)           n/a
Ivy           n/a
The Javelina Lost His Sugar Tongs           n/a
Jerry Scud, Hoof-Lips!           n/a
Jesus           n/a
Jolly Hangman, The           n/a
Judy           n/a
Keith Lives in Austria, He Wears Leather Shorts           n/a
KUSF Song           n/a
The Last Broken Heart   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Last Match           n/a
Last Temptation Of Pork Fist (Noodles And You)           n/a
Laughter           n/a
Lazy At Your Job, Lazy At Your Dream           n/a
Let the Sun Begin           n/a
Let's Get Severed           n/a
Let's Have a Baby           n/a
The Librarian           n/a
Light Plug           n/a
The Lips Bee Song           n/a
Little Kara Discovers the Ice-Cream Van           n/a
Live in London           n/a
Live Man Die           n/a
Lobsterman           n/a
Lonely Is As Lonely Does           n/a
The Lonesome Death of Ian Penman           n/a
Loop the Loop           n/a
Love in the Garden of Light           n/a
Love is What (Frightens You the Most)           n/a
Lovely Golden Villains           n/a
Lovers Turn to Skulls           n/a
Lucy's Crying Again   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Macarena           n/a
Madelaine           n/a
Mail Him Some Dentures           n/a
Malaria           n/a
Meat Home           n/a
Mel the Cactus (Mel the Christ)           n/a
Melting Arthur           n/a
Mike the Viking           n/a
Moan           n/a
Moisture           n/a
The Moose           n/a
More Chinese Boys           n/a
More Tuning           n/a
Moss Creep Around My Bones Blues           n/a
A Most Peculiar Voice           n/a
Moussaka Song           n/a
MTV Instrumental           n/a
My Dead Relations           n/a
My Jolly Mouth           n/a
Myself As You           n/a
Needle in a Haystack (VCR Cleaning Service)           n/a
Nervous Like Children           n/a
Neverland           n/a
The Next to the Last Waltz           n/a
Nothing But Time           n/a
Old Nose           n/a
Old-Country Death In My Bones           n/a
One Time   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Optiatressence X           n/a
Ouija Board           n/a
Painkiller's Song           n/a
Parachutes and Jellyfish           n/a
Passing Souls           n/a
Pattern of Love           n/a
Perfect Weather           n/a
Plutonium Express           n/a
Porky's Minion           n/a
Positive Angel           n/a
The Power of Love           n/a
Pre-Operational (?)           n/a
Prince Charlie Stuart           n/a
The Professor           n/a
Propellor Time           n/a
Psychedelic Love           n/a
Pulse of My Heart       Yes     n/a
The Puppet Master           n/a
Put it on Your Fruit Mic           n/a
Queers for Jesus           n/a
Rabbit Train           n/a
Rangoon Is Yangon           n/a
Reasons for Parking           n/a
Rer Der Der Der Der           n/a
Retinal Damage           n/a
Riot On Eastbourne Pier   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible         n/a
Rock & Roll Parts I and II           n/a
Rock 'n' Roll Radio Queen           n/a
Rock 'n' Roll Radio Train           n/a
Rockstool           n/a
The Roof is Leaking           n/a
Route 66           n/a
Royal Rave-Up   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible         n/a
The Rumour           n/a
Sadly Not My Dead Relations           n/a
Same Box All Along           n/a
Second Time Around           n/a
Self-Loving Groover           n/a
Shadowcat           n/a
Shakin' All Over           n/a
She Got Soul           n/a
She Said           n/a
Shimmering Distant Love           n/a
Shoot Shoot   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Short Improv Tune           n/a
Snow Strike           n/a
Someday My Love           n/a
Son of the Evil Blood Destroyer           n/a
Soul Kiss           n/a
Southern Judge           n/a
Space Odyssey           n/a
Spin Radio Network intro           n/a
Spoken Word Intro           n/a
Standing by The Public Conveniences           n/a
Stark           n/a
Strange Girl           n/a
Street Heat   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Supply & Demand           n/a
Sure (As An Ant)           n/a
Surfer Ghost           n/a
Take the Lock Off My Front Door           n/a
Take This Hammer And Carry It To The Captain           n/a
Talking Chips Blues           n/a
Taught To Read By A Bicycle           n/a
Ten Fingers           n/a
Theme           n/a
Through the Heathers           n/a
Tired of Living with You   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Toadboy           n/a
Tomorrow You'll Be Lucky           n/a
Tonight I'm in the Mood For Love           n/a
Total Blood Vomit           n/a
Twenty-Four Hour Shop           n/a
The Uneven Duke           n/a
Unidentified Song       Yes     n/a
The Unpleasant Stain           n/a
untitled instrumental jam           n/a
Vegetable Girl           n/a
Vengeance Is Mine           n/a
Video Cleaning Service           n/a
The Vomiting Cross           n/a
W Sucks (But Rumsfeld Is the Anti-Christ)           n/a
Wadahumart           n/a
Weasel Turned His Back (on New York City)           n/a
We're Bad People, We're Just Freaks           n/a
What Can You See If You Listen Very Quietly?           n/a
When The Saints Come Marching In           n/a
WHFS Morning Song           n/a
WHFS Song           n/a
White Christmas   Berlin/Hitchcock   Starts out normal, then goes improv.       n/a
Wolfpack Cheese Heaven           n/a
Women and Captains First           n/a
WUSB Radio ID           n/a
Yes I Do           n/a
Yes She's Gone           n/a
You Want Me To Go           n/a
Your Feelings Are the Last Thing To Die           n/a
Your Sign Language           n/a
You're an Angel           n/a
You're So Repulsive           n/a
You're the One I Want           n/a


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