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The NEW projected
release date for
DB's Gone Wild
is September 15, 2003.
Sorry about the delay, but please check
back then!

Projected pricing for
DB's Gone Wild
is $59 USD,
per user.


JH3 Software's DB's GONE WILD is a table browser, structure printer, query library, and code-generation tool for any database that can be opened either via ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) or the Borland Database Engine (BDE). Sure, similar utilities exist, but they don't print as well, and they don't combine all the features you need in one easy-to-use, simple-to-install executable file.

  • Import and export
  • Search for field attributes
  • Calculate field usage data (find out if your field lengths are too large or too small, get min/max for numerics and dates, calculate null percentages, etc.)
  • Edit, add and delete rows using either a grid or a field list
  • Filter tables using our easy filter-builder
  • View BLOBs in Hex mode or as text with handy null-character substitution
  • Store ADO connections as files for easy re-use in other programs
  • Open Interbase .GDB files (via BDE) and Access .MDB files (via ADO) from Windows Explorer

And that's not all!


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