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Are you a direct-mail marketer or mailing list manager in a company that uses SalesLogix®? If so, LabelMagix is for you! 

LABELMAGIX is available right here as limited-functionality TRIALWARE. Registration is only $129 US.

DOWNLOAD NOW (LabelMagixSetup.exe: 1.4 MB)

REGISTER NOW via RegSoft.com ($129 USD per user - limited-time offer!)

You can also register by FAXing 1-800-886-6030 (US orders only) or 1-208-279-3837 (non-US/UK orders only). The UK order fax number is (0870)132-2485. Checks are OK too, and volume discounts are available, but for that you'll have to contact us directly. By the way, if you like LabelMagix, please tell a friend!

The current version is 1.4.0; if you have an earlier one, please update it...


JH3 Software's LABELMAGIX is a handy, easy-to-use program for printing labels and envelopes directly from a SalesLogix database. But why (you may ask) should anyone want such a program, when you can always print labels with Crystal Reports or (with a little extra effort) Microsoft Word? There are lots of reasons, but here are the three big ones: QUALITY, CONVENIENCE, and SPEED.

Quality: With LabelMagix, your mailing labels look like you designed each one individually for each addressee. That's because LabelMagix centers each address on each individual label while still using your preferred justification setting. And since LabelMagix also automatically squeezes any address onto any label, regardless of label size or chosen font, address lines are never cut off - so you can even save a little money by buying smaller labels. ...Convenience: LabelMagix looks and behaves just like SalesLogix does in "List View" mode, complete with group query tabs. So you already know how to use it! Just select the group you want and click "Print." Then, choose from a list of standard and custom label sheet or envelope formats, tweak the margin and position settings if you like, and away you go! Every address is perfectly formatted, every time, including POSTNET bar codes if you want them. What could be easier? ...Speed: Since LabelMagix is built primarily for printing labels and envelopes, the print routines are optimized for that very purpose. And if something goes wrong with the printer, or if you just have some partially-used label sheets from last time, LabelMagix lets you restart anywhere you like - on a specific addressee and/or a specific label. Switch from ascending to descending output sorting with one mouse click! And there are lots more features where those came from (see below)!


Main View
Main view

Print Dialog
Print dialog

Preferences Dialog
Preferences Dialog

Printed Labels
Printed Labels

Expensive, steep-learning-curve WYSIWYG designer packages like Crystal Reports® are great for printing tables and lists, but let's face it, folks - they're not so hot when it comes to labels and envelopes. If you or your company are serious about direct mail, you owe it to yourself to try LabelMagix. It works with any version of SalesLogix, with both ADO and BDE connections fully supported in the same EXE - there's no need for separate versions. (It even works with Oracle!) And since LabelMagix opens your database in read-only mode, you never have to worry about accidental unwanted changes.

LabelMagix lets you tag individual accounts, contacts, and users, regardless of what group(s) they're in, and then print them all in one job. That's right - accounts, contacts, and even users in the same print job! There's also a handy editable private table - an ordinary DBF file - integrated into the program so that you can have a place to copy accounts and contacts into for temporary editing. You can tag those too, and print them right along with the accounts, contacts, and users. You can also export groups or tagged records to CSV/TAB files, or any existing dBase table (or a new one if you prefer). And for permanent edits, just right-click on an account or contact and choose "Find in SalesLogix" - and there it is in SalesLogix (as long as SalesLogix is running).

LabelMagix also allows Full-Text Searching on the fields it displays, as well as indexed searching and specific-field searching on those fields. If it's part of a name or address and it's in your database, LabelMagix can find it!

The registered version of LabelMagix also includes a Data-Driven Report Engine. It's a bit complicated, but essentially this allows report developers to store complete report designs as records in a master-detail pair of SalesLogix tables, using all the print-to-fit and precise-positioning features of LabelMagix. It's ideal for printing onto pre-printed forms, when you sometimes have to fit too much information into too little space. Some companies would charge you enormous amounts of money for this feature alone, but hey, what can we say? At JH3 Software, we just like making people happy.

(and don't forget to register) LABELMAGIX TODAY!

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