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The projected
release date for
is September 21, 2003.
Please check
back then!

Projected pricing for
is $29 USD,
per user.


JH3 Software's PICTURECRYPTURE for Windows is an image viewer that lets you store your images in any ADO-compatible database, such as Microsoft Access, using secure Blowfish encryption. If you only have one database, all you do is start the program, enter your decryption key, and go. (Selecting between multiple databases isn't much more difficult, really...)

To store an image file into your database, just press the F8 key or click the Store button. To extract the image back to a file, press F9 or the Extract button. Right-click to send the image to your favorite image editor. There's nothing to it! And you never have to worry about prying eyes in your image library, ever again. Load an entire folder full of images into a database, with encryption, with just a few mouse-clicks! PictureCrypture supports over 20 popular bitmap formats, and allows you to store keywords (which can also be encrypted) for searching and grouping. You can view images in your database or in a folder, in manual-select, slideshow, and presentation modes. There's also our handy "Maximizomatic" feature that enlarges your images to the maximum possible size for your screen, automatically, using the Lanczos anti-aliasing algorithm to reduce "jaggies" and unwanted pixilation. (Whatever that means...)

PictureCrypture is a simple program, with a stylish, unobtrusive, and (to some extent) "skinnable" interface. But above all, your images will be safe from the unwanted snoopings other users on your PC or network.

[Please note: The unregistered version is fully functional, but will only allow you to store five images in one database. Also, because of export restrictions on encryption software, PictureCrypture is only available to resident citizens of the United States.]


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