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Version History

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As always, we apologize for any inconvenience our bugs may cause you.

Most of LabelMagix was developed in Summer 2000, using printing code originally written for a program called "NimWin," a mailing list manager developed for the US Government in 1995. NimWin, in turn, was based on a program called NIMail, originally developed as a Clipper 5.x application in 1990-91. NIMail started out as a simple front-end interface to a PostScript procedure written in 1989, which remains, to this day, the most efficient way we know of to print mailing labels with squeeze-to-fit text. (If you're a registered user of LabelMagix, we'll even send you the original PostScript code!)

LabelMagix was beta-tested by two separate companies, both customers of the SLX Business Partner that employed author John H. Hedges at the time. To the best of our knowledge as of this writing, the beta versions are still in use by those companies. Since then, however, the interface has been significantly redesigned; a registration key system has been added; the program has been enhanced to allow user data to be printed; and the login screen (and accompanying code) has been modified to allow LabelMagix to work with both BDE and ADO connections. 

Version 1.0, June 16, 2003
First public release.

Version 1.1, July 4, 2003
First version to be announced on news.saleslogix.com.
1. Fixed a problem with "legacy" ADO connections, i.e., connection strings assembled from registry entries for Support Client 5.x, whereby the connection properties from "Connection1" were being used instead of the properties from "Connection2" when Connection2 was chosen in the login window, etc.
2. Changed the label-printing routine to allow for landscape mode to be used, in case the user is printing to (for example) 4-up uncut postcards. Eventually a removable warning box will be added.

Version, July 31, 2003
1. Fixed a problem with the Login window that was causing LabelMagix to occasionally log into the wrong database (ADO connections only). Embarrassing, but luckily it's a read-only program.
2. Fixed a problem with the About box. When opening it in Windows 2000 Pro, an error appeared ("A visible window cannot be made modal").
3. Added some code to keep the hourglass cursor visible until the query actually opens. This should help avoid the appearance of "lockup" when connecting via the SLX 6.x OLEDB provider on slower machines.

Version, August 26, 2003
1. Further enhanced the login procedure; LabelMagix now reads "CUD" connection info from the HKLM registry, and Support 5.2 connections no longer appear with the word "Legacy" after them
2. Changed default screen font for all controls to Tahoma.
3. Fixed a problem whereby trying to print a single envelope for a record using an ADO connection returned a "Nothing to Print" message.

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