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Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to support both Dymo and Seiko label printers in the same network environment?

PRINT 'N' RIP is available as fully-functional NAGWARE. Registration is only $33 US.

DOWNLOAD NOW (PrintnRipSetup.exe: 1.4 MB)

REGISTER NOW via RegSoft.com ($33 USD per user)

You can also register by FAXing 1-800-886-6030 (US orders only) or 1-208-279-3837 (non-US/UK orders only). The UK order fax number is (0870)132-2485. Checks are OK too, and volume discounts are available, but for that you'll have to contact us directly.


But they're not standard Windows printers, so if you're customizing an application to print one-off labels or envelopes, you have to know which of these things each user has on their desks. JH3 Software's PRINT 'N' RIP is a simple program for printing labels from those handy little Dymo and Seiko label-printer gadgets. (Don't tell tell Dymo and Seiko that we called them "gadgets.") It also prints labels and envelopes to standard Windows printers. It works with standard Avery-compatible label sheets and lets you choose which label on the sheet to print on. But more importantly, it also exposes a simple COM object for doing all of those things. And best of all, you can have either of those printer gadgets sitting next to your desk, or neither, and Print 'n' Rip works the same way no matter what.

With Print 'n' Rip, you can customize your CRM, Contact Management, or other system to print to these handy labelers without having to worry about which brand of label printer your users are using.

Print dialog

Another nice thing about Print 'n' Rip is that it allows your users to specify the font and text alignment of each label, and whether or not the name is large and/or in boldface, but it doesn't let them do anything more than that. So you can be assured that labels won't go out to your customers looking all weird and funky-looking. 


(and don't forget to register) PRINT 'N' RIP

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