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SPLASHMAGIX for SalesLogix® has almost no practical use whatsoever, but it might serve to make your job as a SalesLogix user, administrator, or developer marginally more amusing.

The current version is... actually, there is no version number.

DOWNLOAD NOW (SplashMagixSetup.exe: 1.2 MB)

Splash Pack 1
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Splash Pack 2
(splashpack2.zip: 457 KB)

We wasted our valuable time so you wouldn't have to

I'm a SalesLogix developer, and have been for many, many years. During a typical day, I'll open, close, and refresh SalesLogix (and its various supporting applications) dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. It's not like I keep count. Anyway, like most business software, SalesLogix has a boring splash screen. It's not ugly; it's just sort of bland and inoffensive. I got tired of that splash-screen image pretty quickly, so I took advantage of an undocumented feature that lets you use your own, simply by putting a file called "SLXSplash.bmp" in the same folder as SalesLogix itself. That was nice, but pretty soon I got tired of that splash screen too, so I made up another one. And then another, and another, and another...

After a while, I had so many splash screens (and background tiles, since SLX lets you specify those too), I couldn't keep track of them all. Also, it was tedious to have to delete the old bitmap and change the new bitmap's filename whenever I wanted to replace it, so I moved all of my splash bitmaps into a set of subfolders, and wrote a simple little program to select a different one each time it ran. The program did all the file-copying and renaming automatically, displayed the new splash for two seconds, and then ended itself. After that, I came up with the brilliant idea to put the program in my Startup folder, so I'd have a new splash screen every single day. And, of course, I kept making more splash screens.

In the end, rather than keep this startlingly advanced technology to myself, I decided to release it so that other people like me could experience the tremendous joy and inner peace than only a new splash screen each day can bring. The result is SPLASHMAGIX for SalesLogix® - and best of all, it's absolutely free! It comes with the 12 splash bitmaps below, and there are two additional sets of 12 each you can download when you get bored with those. (Don't worry, none of them display the JH3 name or logo, though the program itself does. Something has to, after all.)

Like most software companies, we take no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble SplashMagix may cause when your employer sees a strange - though somehow far more attractive - splash screen bitmap on your monitor when you open SalesLogix, and starts to wonder if you're really taking your job all that seriously.

John H. Hedges, President and Lead Developer, JH3 Software LLC

SplashMagix: The Thumbnail Gallery

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