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Author: Robyn Hitchcock/Andy Partridge

Released on 4 records:

Olť! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Belmore Bel 016
Olť! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Proper
Olť! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Oak Tree DDCJ5007
Olť! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Yep Roc YEP 2129

Robyn Hitchcock Says: CK: In my youth, I was raised Catholic, but I remember any devotion
cards for Saint Parallelogram. Is that the patron saint of geometry, or..?

RH: Saint Parallelogram? Um.. Saint Parallelogram, he sort of evolved out
of a need to keep things at a certain distance. Everything is - whatís
the word for it? - everything is a at a distance to Saint Parallelogram.
He operates parallel to life, not actually in it. Itís as if heís behind
glass. And who can say who heís based on. But he wasnít a martyr - in
fact, it possible he isnít even dead. But he definitely has the
constitution of a saint. He can levitate and he can move at the same
speed as you, like your reflection. Wherever you turn around and look in
the window, you can see, behind your reflection Saint Parallelogram
desperately trying to keep up with you. Like a sort of cartoon shadow.

CK: I like that - thatís good. We might have to start having devotion
cards for that.

RH: Well, as long as it doesnít result in inflicting more pain and guilt
on people, I donít mind. Iím a bit of a Satanist myself.

CK: Youíve had some interesting things to say about religion over the

RH: Well, I maintain that the faithless do less damage than the
believers. The people who seem to be causing the most trouble at the
moment are not the infidels, but the people with strong,
incontrovertible beliefs in things that only they can see. The world
would be a safer place without them. The rest of us can be cynical and
selfish, but on the whole if we kill or rob or steal, itís for some
sensible motive like greed or .. well, usually greed, I guess, or lust.
[laughs] But itís not for an ideological or, you know.. Any faith that
causes people to harm others is a sick faith. I canít see any
justification for it. But still, a lot of faith is founded on pain. Look
at the agony of Christ - what an extraordinary thing to do to make a
centerpiece of a religion. Itís like having an electric chair or
something. If you did that, people would say thatís S&M - itís
disgusting. But itís no different than putting someone on the cross, in
terms of pain. You could be a recovering Catholic, so I shouldnít -

CK: Yes, yes I am.

RH: [laughs]

CK: But look at how many people went to see "The Passion of the Christ"
- X number of people went to see it and Iíve always tried to imagine
people with their popcorn and their Milk Duds trying to watch the
crucifixion - "Oh, this is really good" and munching on the popcorn at
the same time.

RH: But they wonít show a nipple, will they?

CK: I canít imagine concession sales were very good.

RH: No, I imagine a lot of people chomped their way through it - the
usual orally stimulating medication.

CK: Maybe. Could be.

RH: I know people who have seen it twice - well, I donít know anyone
whoís seen it, but I know of someone whoís seen it twice. But anyway, it
canít be helped. There are always wrong people. You only know youíre
sane because you know other people are insane.

[September, 2006]

thanks to Chris Kocher, Gannett News Service for the interview excerpt


Talk to me baby
It has to be maybe
It's love (love)
Each time I see you 
I just wanna be you
It's love (love)
It's love

Threading your pearl till the end of the world
But it's love (love)
I could be gauche
but it's only a scosh
'cause it's love (love)
I could be sad
but it's only a tad
'Cause it's love love love

One to me baby
It's fun to me baby
It's love (love)
Two to me baby
It's you to me baby
It's love (love)
It's love
I've got a rose at the end of my nose
but it's love love love
Only you, Saint Paralellogram
Nothing ever happens

Vince is akimbo
My arms are in limbo
It's love (love)
Fours on the floor
I'd adore for some more
'cause it's love (love)
It's love

I'm just a crab
on a verdigris slab
But it's love (love)
It's love
What can I do
I just want to be you
and it's love love love

You, making a bun of your hair
Promising everywhere
I can believe you were there

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Known to have been played live at 1 gigs:

Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5:
Crocodile Cafť (Seattle, Washington US), 3/4/2006 (Concert) RH solo

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