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The Version History

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Version 1.0, July 4, 2003
First public release.

Version 1.1, July 23, 2003
1. Changed a compiler directive that caused a dependency on QTINTF70.DLL. However, due to simple human error, this fix was not uploaded to the web site until July 30.
2. Modified print-to-fit routines to preserve line indentation. Rather than horizontally scaling entire strings, Electrician now only scales the part of the string after any leading spaces.
3. Fixed a problem with "legacy" ADO connections, i.e., connection strings assembled from registry entries for Support Client 5.x, whereby the connection properties from "Connection1" were being used instead of the properties from "Connection2" when Connection2 was chosen in the login window.

Version, July 27, 2003
1. Changed Compare feature so that unregistered users will see the difference count. (Previously, when unregistered users clicked the Differences tab, nothing would happen at all.)

Version, July 29, 2003
First version to be announced on news.saleslogix.com.
1. Added a case-sensitive tree node for Families.
2. Fixed a problem with the Test Group Query feature that caused table aliases in some ORDER BY clauses to resolve incorrectly.

Version, July 30, 2003
1. Fixed the installer, and uploaded the correct installer version with the correct program version to the web site.
2. Fixed a printing error that would have prevented Electrician from issuing "NewPage" commands when printing multiple plugins in one print job.

Version, July 31, 2003
1. Fixed a problem with the Login window that was causing Electrician to occasionally log into the wrong database (ADO connections only). Incredibly embarrassing, that one, but that's why our first product offerings are read-only programs...
2. Fixed a problem with the About box. When opening it in Windows 2000 Pro, an error appeared ("A visible window cannot be made modal").
3. Added some code to keep the hourglass cursor visible until the query actually opens. This should help avoid the appearance of "lockup" when connecting via the SLX 6.x OLEDB provider on slower machines.

Version, August 3, 2003
1. Changed the login dialog to show two ID/password pairs only for BDE connections; for all ADO connections, Electrician will display only one ID/PW pair. For "legacy" ADO connections read from the registry for the pre-v.6 Support Client, the label captions for the login controls will now refer to the name of the database on the server to (hopefully) reduce confusion.
2. Enhanced display of ActiveForms to clean up embedded script code.
3. Changed made-up names for unused plugin type numbers in the Options dialog to be slightly less silly.

Version, August 26, 2003
Made more improvements to the login dialog and the ADO login procedure; Electrician now reads both the HKLM and HKCU keys.

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