Robyn Hitchcock Song Catalogue

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Title Author Note Lyrics Tabbed Count
(A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs       Yes    
1964 Song           n/a
4th Time Around   Bob Dylan     Yes    
7 & 7 Is   Love         n/a
The Abandoned Brain       Yes    
Absolutely Sweet Marie   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Ace of Spades   Motorhead         n/a
Acid Bird       Yes     22 
Across the Universe   The Beatles         n/a
Addicted to Love   Robert Palmer         n/a
Adoration of the City       Yes    
Adventure Rocket Ship       Yes    
Aether       Yes    
After Hours   Traditional, arr. Rickie Lee Jones         n/a
The Afterlight           n/a
Airscape       Yes     16 
Alien       Yes    
Alien Chuck           n/a
Alien Chuck #2           n/a
All Along the Watchtower   Bob Dylan         n/a
All I Have To Do Is Dream   Everly Brothers     Yes    
All I Wanna Do is Fall in Love       Yes    
All La Glory   The Band         n/a
All Shook Up   Elvis Presley/Otis Blackwell        
All That Money Wants   Psychedelic Furs         n/a
All the Young Dudes   David Bowie         n/a
All Thumbs           n/a
All Tomorrow's Parties   Velvet Underground         n/a
All You Need Is Love   The Beatles         n/a
All Your Wicked Friends           n/a
Alligator Man   Knox         n/a
Almost Cut My Hair   Crosby, Stills & Nash         n/a
America       Yes     24 
Amoeba   John Hegley         n/a
Amputated       Yes    
And Ghosts Walk           n/a
Andmoreagain   Love         n/a
Andy Kershaw Jingle          
The Angel Upstairs           n/a
Announcement           n/a
Another Bubble       Yes    
Another Girl Another Planet   The Only Ones         n/a
Ant Corridor          
Anthem           n/a
Antwoman       Yes    
Appreciate You           n/a
Aquarium       Yes    
Arabian Takeaway           n/a
Are 'Friends' Electric?   Gary Numan        
Are You Experienced?   Jimi Hendrix        
The Arising           n/a
Arms of Love       Yes    
Arnold Layne   Syd Barrett         n/a
Arousing Thunder   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
As Lemons Chop       Yes    
Ashes To Ashes   David Bowie         n/a
The Asking Tree       Yes    
Astronomy Domine   Pink Floyd        
August Hair       Yes    
The Authority Box       Yes    
Autumn is Your Last Chance       Yes    
Autumn Leaves           n/a
Autumn Sea       Yes    
Avalon   Roxy Music         n/a
Aw Shit Man   Minus 5         n/a
Baby   Robyn Hitchcock/Mart…         n/a
Baby Lemonade   Syd Barrett         n/a
Baby You're a Rich Man   The Beatles         n/a
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down   Rev. Gary Davis        
Babydoll           n/a
Back In the U.S.S.R.   The Beatles         n/a
Back Room Of The Bar   Young Fresh Fellows         n/a
A Bad Case of History           n/a
Bad Decision           n/a
Ballad of a Thin Man   Bob Dylan     Yes    
The Ballad of Hollis Brown   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
The Ballad of John and Yoko   The Beatles         n/a
Balloon Man       Yes     24 
Banana Boat Song   Belafonte/Burgess/Attaway     Yes    
The Band Faust           n/a
Bang A Gong (Get It On)   T. Rex         n/a
Bass       Yes     10 
Be Here Now   George Harrison         n/a
Beatle Dennis (See Flesh Number 1)           n/a
Beautiful Girl       Yes     11 
Beautiful Queen       Yes     12 
Beautiful Scream           n/a
Bee Man Ray           n/a
Beetle Train with Antlers           n/a
Belinda Carlisle           n/a
Bells of Rhymney   Pete Seeger/Idris Davies     Yes    
Belltown Ramble       Yes    
Beware of Darkness   George Harrison         n/a
Big Brown Eyes           n/a
Big-Eyed Beans From Venus   Captain Beefheart         n/a
Bigger Is Always Better   Deni Bonet         n/a
Billy 1   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Bip Bop (Dog and Onion)     Improv song with sound effects provided by band.       n/a
Birds in Perspex       Yes    
Birdshead       Yes    
Birthday   The Beatles         n/a
Bizzare Instrumental           n/a
Black & White           n/a
The Black Crow Knows       Yes    
Black Snake Diamond Rock       Yes    
Blackbird   The Beatles         n/a
Blacky Preston   Maureen & the Meatpackers         n/a
Bleach Me           n/a
Bloat       Yes    
Blowin' in the Wind   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Blue Jay Way   The Beatles         n/a
Blue Moon of Kentucky   Bill Monroe         n/a
Blues in A       Yes    
Blues In E           n/a
Blues in the Dark       Yes    
Bo Diddley   Bo Diddley         n/a
Bob Dylan, KGB           n/a
Boeing Spacearium   Minus 5         n/a
Bonde M'teko Stomp           n/a
The Bones in the Ground       Yes    
The Book of Love   Davis, Malone, Patrick        
Born in Time   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Brain Death           n/a
A Brand New Day           n/a
Break on Through   Doors         n/a
Breaking Glass   David Bowie        
Brenda Part 1   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Brenda Part 2   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Brenda's Iron Sledge       Yes     23 
Bright Fresh Flower       Yes    
Broken Heart   Skip Spence        
Brown Paper Bag   John Hegley         n/a
California Dreamin'   The Mamas & the Papas         n/a
Calvary Cross   Richard Thompson; Linda Thompson        
The Can Opener       Yes    
Candy Says   Velvet Underground         n/a
Candyman   Grateful Dead         n/a
Candy's Engine           n/a
Captain Dry       Yes    
Caravan   Van Morrison         n/a
Careful with that Axe, Eugene (intro)   Pink Floyd         n/a
Caroline Says II   Lou Reed        
The Cars She Used to Drive       Yes     25 
Cathedral       Yes    
'Cause It's Love (Saint Parallelogram)   Robyn Hitchcock/Andy Partridge     Yes    
Certainly Clickot       Yes    
Chain Mary to the Bed     I Thought I Saw Julian Cope       n/a
Changing Into Maryland           n/a
Chapel of Love   Phil Spector/Carole King         n/a
Chapter 24   Pink Floyd         n/a
Charlotte Anne   Julian Cope         n/a
The Cheese Alarm       Yes    
Cherries       Yes    
Cherry-Red Daughter           n/a
Child of the Universe       Yes    
Chimes of Freedom   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Chinese Bones       Yes    
Chinese Water Python       Yes    
Chinese White   Incredible String Band        
Christine's Tune   Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman         n/a
Chug-a-Lug           n/a
Cigarettes, Coffee & Booze   Minus 5         n/a
Cirrus Minor   Pink Floyd         n/a
City of Shame       Yes     14 
City of Women       Yes    
Clean Steve       Yes     10 
Clear Spot   Captain Beefheart         n/a
Clothesline Saga   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Cold Turkey   John Lennon     Yes    
College of Ice       Yes    
The Colonel and Lady Guevalt           n/a
Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)   Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel         n/a
Comin' Through       Yes    
Coney Island Baby   Lou Reed         n/a
Consider Her Ways           n/a
Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill   The Beatles         n/a
Cool Bug Rumble       Yes    
Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight)   Alfred Frank Bleddoe         n/a
Country Rose           n/a
The Crawling       Yes    
Creatures of Light          
Creeped Out          
Crossroads   Robert Johnson         n/a
Croydon   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Crumble Like Dust          
Cry Baby Cry   The Beatles         n/a
The Crystal Ship   Doors        
Cynthia Mask       Yes     11 
D.I.S.C.O.   Ottawan         n/a
Daisy Bomb       Yes    
Dancing on God's Thumb       Yes    
Dancing on Your Thumb           n/a
Dancing Queen   Abba         n/a
Dark Globe   Syd Barrett         n/a
Dark Green Energy       Yes    
Dark Princess       Yes    
A Day in the Life   The Beatles        
Day Tripper   The Beatles         n/a
Daydream           n/a
De Chirico Street       Yes    
Dead Flowers   Rolling Stones         n/a
Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)   Minus 5         n/a
Dear Prudence   The Beatles         n/a
Deck of Cards   T. Texas Tyler        
Degrees of Nice           n/a
Demons and Fiends          
Dental Origin           n/a
Desolation Row   Bob Dylan     Yes    
The Devil You Know           n/a
The Devil's Coachman       Yes    
The Devil's Radio       Yes    
Digital Spaceship           n/a
Dignity   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Direct Me to the Cheese           n/a
Disconnection Of The Ruling Class       Yes    
Do Policemen Sing?       Yes    
Do Right Woman   Moman/Penn         n/a
Do the Chisel       Yes    
Do You Love Me?           n/a
Doctor Lucy           n/a
Doctor Robert   The Beatles         n/a
Dominoes   Syd Barrett        
Donna Summer           n/a
Don't Even Try It           n/a
( Don't Go Back to) Rockville   REM         n/a
Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover           n/a
Don't Let Me Down   The Beatles         n/a
Don't Look Down          
Don't Lose the Child in You           n/a
Don't Lose the Sweetness in Your Heart           n/a
Don't Maim the Children           n/a
Don't Pass Me By   The Beatles         n/a
Don't You       Yes    
Dr. Sticky       Yes    
Draft Morning   Byrds         n/a
Dreams       Yes    
Drip Drop           n/a
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)       Yes     13 
Drunkard's Blues   Bob Wills         n/a
The Duke of Squeeze       Yes    
The Dust       Yes    
Dwarfbeat       Yes    
Dysentery Fix           n/a
Each of Her Silver Wands       Yes    
Earthly Paradise       Yes    
Easy Chair   Bob Dylan         n/a
Eaten By Her Own Dinner       Yes    
Edge of the Land           n/a
Eerie Green Storm Lantern       Yes    
Egg Cream   Lou Reed         n/a
Eggballs           n/a
Egyptian Cream     Demo version included on some versions of FegMania   Yes     24 
Eight Days A Week   The Beatles         n/a
Eight Miles High   Byrds     Yes    
Electrolite           n/a
Element of Air           n/a
Elizabeth Jade       Yes    
Elvis Presley Blues   Gillian Welch & David Rawlings         n/a
Embryo Twirl       Yes    
Emotional Hernia           n/a
Empty Girl       Yes    
The End   Doors         n/a
English Girl          
Every Day is Like Sunday   Morrissey        
Everybody Needs Love          
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey   The Beatles         n/a
Evil Guy       Yes    
Executioner       Yes    
The Face of Death       Yes     17 
Fair Play   Van Morrison        
Falling Leaves       Yes    
False Knight on the Road   Traditional, arr. Tim Hart         n/a
Fame   David Bowie         n/a
Famine   Sinead O'Connor         n/a
Fatman's Son       Yes    
Fearless Heart   Sextants         n/a
Feed the Tree   Belly         n/a
Feel a Whole Lot Better   Byrds         n/a
The Feelers Was Everywhere           n/a
Ferryboat Bill   Lou Reed         n/a
Fiend Before the Shrine       Yes    
Fifty Two Stations       Yes     16 
Fighting Someone's War   Kimberley Rew         n/a
Filthy Bird       Yes    
Flamin' Shoe           n/a
Flanagan's Song          
Flavour of Night       Yes    
Flesh Cartoons       Yes    
Flesh is Not For Eating           n/a
Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)       Yes     10 
The Fly       Yes     15 
Fly By Night   Peter Blegvad         n/a
Foggy Mountain Breakdown   Flatt & Scruggs         n/a
Folsom Prison Blues   Johnny Cash        
Forever In Blue Jeans   Neil Diamond         n/a
Forming           n/a
Forthcoming Attractions           n/a
The Fortunate Son           n/a
Four Lonely Lamps           n/a
Four Walls           n/a
Foxy Lady   Jimi Hendrix        
Frank Sinatra (spoken)          
Fucked Up & Left For Dead           n/a
Full Moon In My Soul          
The Funky Old Sailor           n/a
Funky Town   Lipps Inc.        
Furry Green Atom Bowl       Yes    
Further Scenes From A Family Life           n/a
Fuzzy   Grant Lee Phillips        
The Gallant Poacher           n/a
Gates of Eden   Bob Dylan         n/a
Gene Hackman       Yes    
Get Back   The Beatles         n/a
Get Off Of My Cloud   Rolling Stones         n/a
Get Rid Of The Fucking Death Penalty          
The Ghost in You   Psychedelic Furs        
The Ghost Ship     Ghost Ship   Yes    
Gigolo   Damned         n/a
Gigolo Aunt   Syd Barrett        
Give it to the Soft Boys       Yes     16 
Give Me a Spanner, Ralph       Yes    
Glass       Yes    
Glass Hotel       Yes     16 
Glass Onion   The Beatles         n/a
A Globe of Frogs     Electric   Yes     19 
The Glory of Love           n/a
God of Beaks           n/a
God Only Knows   The Beach Boys         n/a
Going Down To Liverpool   Kimberley Rew         n/a
Golden Years   David Bowie         n/a
Goldfinger theme   Barry/Bricusse/Newley         n/a
Gonna Build a Bonfire           n/a
Good Night   The Beatles         n/a
Good Times Rock 'n' Roll   Young Fresh Fellows         n/a
Goodbye Maurice or Steve       Yes    
Goodnight I Say       Yes    
Got You   Minus 5         n/a
Grandad's Glasses   John Hegley & the Popticians         n/a
Graveyard Standing           n/a
The Great Crustaceans           n/a
Green           n/a
The Green Boy       Yes    
Groove Is In the Heart   Deee-lite         n/a
Grooving on a Inner Plane     Grooving on AN Inner Plane   Yes     13 
Grow Fins   Captain Beefheart         n/a
Hail On Debbie           n/a
Hair           n/a
Hanging Moose           n/a
Hanging Out with Dad           n/a
Happiness   Grant Lee Phillips        
Happiness Is A Warm Gun   The Beatles         n/a
Happy Birthday   Traditional         n/a
Happy the Golden Prince       Yes    
Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall   Bob Dylan         n/a
Harmony (?)           n/a
Harper Valley P.T.A.   Jeannie C. Riley         n/a
Have a Heart, Betty (I'm Not Fireproof)     Have a Heart, Dennis (orig title)   Yes     14 
Hear My Brane       Yes     12 
Heart Full of Leaves       Yes    
Heartbreak Hotel   Mae Axton, Tommy Dur…        
Heaven       Yes     34 
Heavenly   Grant Lee Phillips        
The Hedgehog's Song   Incredible String Band         n/a
Heliotrope       Yes    
Helter Skelter   The Beatles         n/a
Here Come the Nuns           n/a
Here Comes the Sun   George Harrison         n/a
Here She Comes Now   Velvet Underground         n/a
He's a Reptile       Yes    
Hey Bulldog   The Beatles         n/a
Hey Joe   Jimi Hendrix         n/a
Hey Jude   The Beatles         n/a
Hickory Wind   Gram Parsons         n/a
Hitchcock Likes To Rock   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Honey Pie   The Beatles         n/a
Honey, Don't Think   Grant Lee Phillips        
Honky Tonkin'   Hank Williams, Sr.         n/a
The Hook   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Horns Large Horns   Traditional, arr. Carthy et al        
Horrible Strings           n/a
House of Dark Shadows   Paul Roland         n/a
House of Lots           n/a
How Do You Sleep?   John Lennon         n/a
How Do You Work This Thing?       Yes     10 
Human Music       Yes    
The Hummingbird and the Saguaro (The Sugar Tongs Minuet)           n/a
Hungry For Love   Johnny Kidd & the Pirates         n/a
I Am Not Me       Yes    
I Am the Fly   Wire         n/a
I Am the Walrus   The Beatles         n/a
I Can Talk To Fish Like Aquaman           n/a
I Changed the Lock           n/a
I Collect Butterflies          
I Dig A Pony   The Beatles         n/a
I Don't Believe You   Bob Dylan     Yes    
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I Fall Into Your Eyes          
I Feel Beautiful       Yes    
I Feel Love           n/a
I Found a Reason   Velvet Underground         n/a
I Got a Message For You       Yes    
I Got the Hots       Yes     10 
I Grew Some Hair           n/a
I Just Want To Make Love To You   Willie Dixon         n/a
I Love Lucy       Yes    
I Love the Nightlife   Alicia Bridges        
I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass   Nick Lowe         n/a
I Love You Eddie   Crystals         n/a
I Often Dream of Trains       Yes     13 
I Pity the Poor Immigrant   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I Saw Her Standing There   The Beatles         n/a
I Saw My Dinner On TV   John Hegley & the Popticians         n/a
I Saw Nick Drake       Yes    
I Says to the Cheese           n/a
I Still Miss Someone   Johnny Cash         n/a
I Thought I Saw Julian Cope           n/a
I Used to Love You       Yes    
I Used to Say I Love You       Yes    
I Wanna Appreciate You           n/a
I Wanna Destroy You       Yes     17 
I Wanna Destroy You II           n/a
I Wanna Go Backwards           n/a
I Wanna, Er. . .       Yes    
I Want to Be An Anglepoise Lamp       Yes     10 
I Watch the Cars       Yes     10 
I Watch the Cars #2           n/a
I Will   The Beatles         n/a
I Wish I Could Fly           n/a
I Wish I Could Fly           n/a
I Wish I Liked You       Yes    
I Wish I Was Doing This          
I Wonder What It'll Be Like to Be Blown to Bits?           n/a
Ice Fishing At Night   John Paul Jones         n/a
The Idea Of You       Yes    
Idonia       Yes    
If I Could Look       Yes    
If We Had a Baby           n/a
If We Hear Music           n/a
If You Go Away       Yes    
If You Know Time       Yes    
If You See Her, Say Hello   Bob Dylan         n/a
If You Were a Priest       Yes     17 
I'll Be Your Mirror   Velvet Underground         n/a
I'll Get You   The Beatles         n/a
I'll Keep it With Mine   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I'm a Guy           n/a
I'm a Man   Bo Diddley         n/a
I'm a Spider   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
I'm a Very Big House           n/a
I'm Only You       Yes     15 
I'm Running Over           n/a
I'm Set Free   Velvet Underground         n/a
I'm So Tired   The Beatles         n/a
In A Lonely Coffin   Minus 5         n/a
In Rome           n/a
In the Midnight Hour   Wilson Pickett; Steve Cropper         n/a
In The Mood   Garland, Razaf        
Innocent Boy   Hitchcock/Mayer     Yes    
Insanely Jealous       Yes     16 
Insect Mother       Yes    
Instrumental           n/a
Instrumental (unnamed)           n/a
Instrumental in G           n/a
Interlude           n/a
The International           n/a
Interstellar Overdrive   Pink Floyd         n/a
Interview           n/a
Into It       Yes    
Isolation   John Lennon         n/a
It All Adds Up           n/a
It Is Obvious   Syd Barrett        
It Should Be Darker           n/a
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry   Bob Dylan     Yes    
It Was the Night       Yes     12 
It'll Be Me   Jerry Lee Lewis         n/a
It's a Hedblade           n/a
It's a Man's Life           n/a
It's a Mystic Trip       Yes    
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   Bob Dylan     Yes    
It's Hard to Believe I'm Not   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
It's Just A Church           n/a
It's Not Because I'm Not           n/a
It's Not Just the Size of a Walnut       Yes    
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll   Rolling Stones         n/a
It's the Life           n/a
I've Got a Feeling   The Beatles         n/a
I've Had It (But I Want You)           n/a
Ivy           n/a
Jailhouse Rock   Lieber and Stoller         n/a
Japanese Captain       Yes    
The Javelina Lost His Sugar Tongs           n/a
Jealous Guy   John Lennon         n/a
Jerry Scud, Hoof-Lips!           n/a
Jesus           n/a
Jewels for Sophia       Yes    
Jolly Hangman, The           n/a
Judas Sings (Jesus & Me)       Yes    
Judy           n/a
Julia   The Beatles         n/a
Jumpin' Jack Flash   Rolling Stones         n/a
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Keep Finding Me          
Keeping Still       Yes    
Keith Lives in Austria, He Wears Leather Shorts           n/a
Kicks   Lou Reed         n/a
Kimberley's Tune          
Kingdom of Love     "Disco" version   Yes     31 
Knife       Yes    
Knockin' On Heaven's Door   Bob Dylan         n/a
Kung Fu Fighting   Carl Douglas        
KUSF Song           n/a
La Cherité       Yes    
Lady Waters and the Hooded One       Yes    
The Last Broken Heart   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Last Match           n/a
Last Temptation Of Pork Fist (Noodles And You)           n/a
Laughter           n/a
Lazy At Your Job, Lazy At Your Dream           n/a
Leave Me Alone   Lou Reed     Yes    
Legalised Murder       Yes    
The Leopard       Yes    
Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Leppo and the Jooves       Yes     20 
Let It Be Me   Everly Brothers        
Let Me Put It Next to You       Yes    
Let Me Roll It   Paul McCartney        
Let the Sun Begin           n/a
Let the Sun Begin to Make You Feel Better          
Let There Be More Darkness       Yes    
Let's Get Severed           n/a
Let's Have a Baby           n/a
Let's Spend the Night Together   Rolling Stones         n/a
The Librarian           n/a
Life During Wartime   Talking Heads         n/a
Light Plug           n/a
Like a Rolling Stone   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Linctus House       Yes    
Linden Arden   Van Morrison        
Lions and Tigers       Yes    
The Lips Bee Song           n/a
Listening to the Higsons       Yes     21 
Little Kara Discovers the Ice-Cream Van           n/a
Little Red Rooster   Willie Dixon         n/a
Live in London           n/a
Live Man Die           n/a
The Live-in Years       Yes    
The Lizard       Yes    
Lo and Behold   Bob Dylan         n/a
Lobsterman           n/a
Lone Star Song   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Lonely Is As Lonely Does           n/a
The Lonesome Death of Ian Penman           n/a
Lonesome Serenade   Grant Lee Phillips        
Long Gone   Syd Barrett         n/a
Long, Long, Long   The Beatles         n/a
Look At Miss Ohio   Gillian Welch/David Rawlings         n/a
Look into Your Mirror       Yes    
Loop the Loop           n/a
Losing My Religion   REM         n/a
Louie Louie   The Kingsmen         n/a
Love       Yes    
Love Don't Live Here Anymore   Rose Royce         n/a
Love in the Garden of Light           n/a
Love is What (Frightens You the Most)           n/a
Love Minus Zero/No Limit   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Love Poisoning       Yes    
Lovely Golden Villains           n/a
Lovers Turn to Skulls           n/a
Lucifer Sam   Pink Floyd         n/a
Lucy's Crying Again   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Luxor       Yes    
Lysander       Yes    
Macarena           n/a
Madelaine   Paul Roland        
Madelaine           n/a
Madonna of the Wasps       Yes     26 
Maggie's Farm   Bob Dylan         n/a
Mail Him Some Dentures           n/a
Mail Train   Bob Dylan         n/a
The Main Thing   Roxy Music         n/a
Malaria           n/a
Mamie Dunn, Employee of the Month   Young Fresh Fellows         n/a
Mamie Dunn/Good Times Rock 'n' Roll   Young Fresh Fellows        
Man on the Moon   REM         n/a
The Man Who Invented Himself       Yes     10 
Man With a Woman's Shadow       Yes    
The Man With the Lightbulb Head       Yes     17 
Maria Lyn       Yes    
Marie Provost   Nick Lowe         n/a
Martha My Dear   The Beatles         n/a
Matty Groves   Traditional, arr. Fairport Convention     Yes     n/a
Meat       Yes    
Meat Home           n/a
Meet Me In the Morning   Bob Dylan         n/a
Mel the Cactus (Mel the Christ)           n/a
Mellow Together       Yes    
Melting Arthur           n/a
Messages of Dark       Yes    
Mexican God       Yes    
Midnight Fish       Yes     13 
Mighty Joe Moon   Grant Lee Phillips        
Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)   Bob Dylan         n/a
Mike the Viking           n/a
Million Dollar Bash   Bob Dylan         n/a
Mind Games   John Lennon         n/a
Minstrel Boy   Bob Dylan         n/a
Miss Ohio   Dave Rawlings/Gillian Welch         n/a
Moan           n/a
Mockingbirds   Grant Lee Phillips        
Moisture           n/a
The Moon Inside       Yes    
The Moose           n/a
Moose Mark and the Prince of Cones          
More Chinese Boys           n/a
More Than This   Roxy Music     Yes    
More Tuning           n/a
Moss Creep Around My Bones Blues           n/a
A Most Peculiar Voice           n/a
Mother Nature's Son   The Beatles         n/a
Moussaka Song           n/a
Mr. Deadly       Yes    
Mr. Kennedy       Yes    
Mr. Lacey   Fairport Convention         n/a
Mr. Rock 'N' Roll       Yes    
Mr. Spaceman   Byrds         n/a
Mr. Tambourine Man   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Mr. Tongs       Yes    
Mrs. Robinson   Paul Simon         n/a
MTV Instrumental           n/a
Muriel's Hoof/The Rout of the Clones          
Museum of Sex       Yes    
My Back Pages   Bob Dylan         n/a
My Dead Relations           n/a
My Dreams Are Scars          
My Evaline   Traditional, arr. Hall     Yes    
My Favourite Buildings       Yes    
My Jolly Mouth           n/a
My Mind Is Connected. . .       Yes    
My Wife and My Dead Wife       Yes     26 
My, My, My   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Myself As You           n/a
Mystery Train   Sam Phillips        
N.Y. Doll       Yes    
Narcissus       Yes    
NASA Clapping       Yes    
Needle in a Haystack (VCR Cleaning Service)           n/a
Nervous Like Children           n/a
Never Stop Bleeding       Yes    
Neverland           n/a
New Age   Velvet Underground         n/a
The Next to the Last Waltz           n/a
Nietzche's Way       Yes    
Nightfall   Incredible String Band         n/a
Nightride to Trinidad     "Disco" Version   Yes     16 
No Expectations   Rolling Stones         n/a
No Strange Delight   Roxy Music         n/a
No Way Out of Time       Yes    
No Woman No Cry   Bob Marley         n/a
No, I Don't Remember Guildford       Yes    
Nocturne (Prelude)       Yes    
Not Dark Yet   Bob Dylan        
Nothing       Yes    
Nothing But Time           n/a
Nothing's Going to Change in Your Life   Kimberley Rew         n/a
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da   The Beatles         n/a
Ocean   Velvet Underground         n/a
Oceanside       Yes     16 
Octopus   Syd Barrett         n/a
Odds and Ends   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Oh Yeah   Roxy Music         n/a
Oh! Darling   The Beatles         n/a
Oh, Pretty Woman   Roy Orbison/Fred Dee…         n/a
Old Brown Shoe   George Harrison         n/a
Old Nose           n/a
Old Pervert     I'm an Old Pervert (Disco version)   Yes     19 
Old-Country Death In My Bones           n/a
Ole! Tarantula       Yes    
Om       Yes    
On Broadway   Drifters         n/a
On the Radio   Roxy Music         n/a
One After 909   The Beatles         n/a
One L       Yes    
One Long Pair of Eyes       Yes     15 
One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)   Bob Dylan         n/a
One Time   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
One Too Many Mornings   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Only a Northern Song   The Beatles         n/a
The Only Living Boy In New York   Paul Simon         n/a
Only the Stones Remain       Yes     21 
Open the Door, Homer   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Optiatressence X           n/a
Orange Claw Hammer   Captain Beefheart         n/a
Ouija Board           n/a
Ouija Board   Morrissey         n/a
Out of the Picture       Yes    
Outlaw Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Over You   Roxy Music     Yes    
Painkiller's Song           n/a
Pale Blue Eyes   Velvet Underground         n/a
Parachutes and Jellyfish           n/a
Passing Souls           n/a
Pattern of Love           n/a
Peggy Sue   Buddy Holly         n/a
Penelope's Angles       Yes    
Perfect Weather           n/a
The Philosophers Stone       Yes    
Photograph   George Harrison         n/a
Piggies   The Beatles         n/a
The Pigworker       Yes    
Pink Moon   Nick Drake         n/a
The Pit Of Souls     Country Version, Parts I-IV   Yes    
Please, Mrs. Henry   Bob Dylan         n/a
Pledging My Time   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Plutonium Express           n/a
Point it at Gran       Yes    
Polly on the Shore   Fairport Convention     Yes    
Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman   Richard Thompson; Dave Swarbrick        
Porky's Minion           n/a
Positive Angel           n/a
Positive Vibrations       Yes     11 
Postman's Knock   Traditional        
The Power of Love           n/a
Pre-Operational (?)           n/a
The President       Yes    
The Presidents Tour   Scott McCaughey         n/a
Prince Charlie Stuart           n/a
The Professor           n/a
Propellor Time           n/a
Psychedelic Love           n/a
Pulse Of My Heart       Yes    
Pulse of My Heart       Yes     n/a
Pulse Of My Heart       Yes    
The Puppet Master           n/a
Put it on Your Fruit Mic           n/a
Queen Elvis       Yes     14 
Queen Elvis II       Yes    
Queen Jane Approximately   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Queen of Eyes       Yes     17 
Queers for Jesus           n/a
Rabbit Train           n/a
Railway Shoes       Yes    
Rain   The Beatles     Yes    
Rain, The       Yes     13 
Raining Twilight Coast       Yes     10 
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35   Bob Dylan         n/a
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Rangoon Is Yangon           n/a
The Rat's Prayer       Yes    
The Rattlin' Bog   Traditional         n/a
Raymond Chandler Evening       Yes     11 
Reasons for Parking           n/a
Rebel Rebel   David Bowie         n/a
Red Locust Frenzy       Yes    
Rer Der Der Der Der           n/a
Retinal Damage           n/a
Retrieval of You   Minus 5         n/a
The Return of the Sacred Crab       Yes    
Revolution 1   The Beatles         n/a
Revolution 9   The Beatles         n/a
Reynardine   Traditional, arr. Fairport Convention         n/a
Ride       Yes    
Ring My Bell   Anita Ward         n/a
Ring of Fire   Carter/Kilgore        
Ring Them Bones          
Riot On Eastbourne Pier   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible         n/a
River Man   Nick Drake         n/a
Roadhouse Blues   Doors         n/a
Rock & Roll Parts I and II           n/a
Rock and Roll   Velvet Underground         n/a
Rock 'n' Roll Radio Queen           n/a
Rock 'n' Roll Radio Train           n/a
Rock 'n' Roll Toilet       Yes     10 
Rock Of Ages   Traditional         n/a
Rock Your Baby   George McCrea        
Rockstool           n/a
Rocky Raccoon   The Beatles         n/a
The Roof is Leaking           n/a
Round Song       Yes    
Route 66           n/a
Royal Rave-Up   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible         n/a
The Ruling Class       Yes    
The Rumour           n/a
Run Run Run   Velvet Underground         n/a
Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Sadly Not My Dead Relations           n/a
Salamander       Yes    
Sally Was a Legend       Yes    
Same Box All Along           n/a
Same Thing   Grays/Jon Brion         n/a
San Francisco (Flowers in Your Hair)   John Phillips     Yes     n/a
Sandra's Having Her Brain Out       Yes     12 
Satellite       Yes     12 
Satellite of Love   Lou Reed         n/a
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction   Rolling Stones         n/a
Savoy Truffle   The Beatles         n/a
Scarred But Smarter   Drivin' 'n' Cryin'         n/a
Season Of The Witch   Donovan         n/a
Second Time Around           n/a
Secrets   Hitchcock/Captain Sensible        
Self-Loving Groover           n/a
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)   Bob Dylan     Yes    
September Cones       Yes    
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom       Yes    
Sexy Sadie   The Beatles         n/a
Shadowcat           n/a
Shakin' All Over           n/a
The Shallow End   Tim Keegan         n/a
The Shape I'm In   The Band         n/a
The Shapes Between Us Turn into Animals       Yes    
She Belongs to Me   Bob Dylan     Yes    
She Doesn't Exist       Yes    
She Got Soul           n/a
She Reached For a Light       Yes    
She Said           n/a
She Said She Said   The Beatles         n/a
She Was You          
She Wears My Hair       Yes    
Shelter from the Storm   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Shimmering Distant Love           n/a
Shoot Shoot   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Short Improv Tune           n/a
Shuffling Over the Flagstones       Yes    
Silent Night   Traditional     Yes     n/a
Silver Dagger   Traditional, arr. Baez         n/a
Simple Twist of Fate   Bob Dylan         n/a
Sin City   Gram Parsons         n/a
Singing Cowboy   Love         n/a
Sinister But She Was Happy       Yes    
Sister Ray   Velvet Underground         n/a
Sittin' On Top Of the World   Bob Dylan         n/a
Skool Dinner Blues       Yes    
A Skull, a Suitcase, and a Long Red Bottle of Wine       Yes    
Slave To Love   Bryan Ferry         n/a
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask       Yes    
(Like a Real) Smoothie       Yes    
Snow Strike           n/a
So You Think You're in Love       Yes     29 
Solpadeine       Yes    
Some Body       Yes    
Some Kind of Love   Velvet Underground         n/a
Someday My Love           n/a
Something   The Beatles         n/a
Sometimes A Blonde          
Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl       Yes     16 
Somewhere Apart       Yes    
Son of the Evil Blood Destroyer           n/a
Song No. 4       Yes    
Soul Food Shopping List   Tim Keegan         n/a
Soul Kiss           n/a
Soul Kitchen   Doors         n/a
Soul Love   David Bowie         n/a
Sound & Vision   David Bowie        
The Sound Of Sound       Yes    
Sounds Great When You're Dead       Yes    
Southern Judge           n/a
Space Oddity   David Bowie         n/a
Space Odyssey           n/a
Spacer   Sheila B         n/a
The Speed of Things       Yes    
Spin Radio Network intro           n/a
Spoken Word Intro           n/a
Squint   Grant Lee Phillips        
St. Expedite   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
St. Petersburg       Yes     10 
Standing by The Public Conveniences           n/a
Star   David Bowie         n/a
Star of Hairs       Yes    
Stark           n/a
Stars 'N' Stripes   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Station to Station   David Bowie         n/a
Statue with a Walkman       Yes    
Stayin' Alive   Bee Gees         n/a
Steel and Glass   John Lennon         n/a
Stomping All Over the World   Kimberley Rew         n/a
Stop the World   R. Hitchcock/C. Sensible/T. Mansfield        
Stranded in the Future       Yes    
Strange       Yes    
Strange Girl           n/a
Strawberry Fields Forever   The Beatles         n/a
Strawberry Mind       Yes    
Street Heat   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Strings       Yes    
Stuck in the Middle With You   Stealer's Wheel     Yes     n/a
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again   Bob Dylan         n/a
Substitute   Who         n/a
Sudden Town       Yes    
Superkeen   Tim Keegan         n/a
Superman       Yes    
Supply & Demand           n/a
Sure (As An Ant)           n/a
Surfer Ghost           n/a
Surf's Up   The Beach Boys         n/a
Surgery       Yes    
Suspicious Minds   Elvis Presley         n/a
Sweet Ghost of Light       Yes    
Sweet Jane   Velvet Underground         n/a
Sweetheart of the Rodeo   Harris/Kennedy         n/a
Swirling       Yes    
Take a Chance with Me   Roxy Music        
Take the Lock Off My Front Door           n/a
Take This Hammer And Carry It To The Captain           n/a
Take This in Remembrance          
Take Your Knife Out of My Back       Yes    
Talking Chips Blues           n/a
Tangled Up In Blue   Bob Dylan        
Tarotplane   Captain Beefheart         n/a
Taught To Read By A Bicycle           n/a
Tears of Rage   Bob Dylan/Richard Manuel         n/a
Teddy Bears' Picnic   Traditional, arr. Jimmy Kennedy         n/a
Tell Me About Your Drugs       Yes    
Tell Me Mama   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Ten Fingers           n/a
Tennessee Waltz   Pee Wee King         n/a
Terrapin   Syd Barrett         n/a
That's Alright Mama   "Big Boy" Arthur Cru…         n/a
That's When Your Heartaches Begin   Fisher, Hill, Raskin     Yes    
The Days of Wine and Booze   Scott McCaughey/Jeff Tweedy         n/a
Theme           n/a
Then You're Dust       Yes    
There She Goes Again   Velvet Underground         n/a
There's Nobody Like You     aka "I Don't Mind Dressing in Black"   Yes    
Thin   Tim Keegan         n/a
Think For Yourself   The Beatles (George Harrison)         n/a
This Boy   The Beatles         n/a
This Could Be the Day       Yes    
This is How it Feels       Yes    
This is Where I Belong   Kinks         n/a
This Wheel's On Fire   Bob Dylan/Rick Danko         n/a
Three is a Green Crown   Incredible String Band         n/a
Through the Heathers           n/a
Tiny Montgomery   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Tired of Living with You   Hitchcock/Knox         n/a
Tired of Waiting   Kinks         n/a
To Be Alone with You   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
To Turn You On   Roxy Music         n/a
Toadboy           n/a
Toboggan   Tim Keegan         n/a
Together We Are Beautiful   Fern Kinney         n/a
Tombstone Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Tomorrow Never Knows   The Beatles         n/a
Tomorrow You'll Be Lucky           n/a
Tonight       Yes    
Tonight I'm in the Mood For Love           n/a
Too Much of Nothing   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Total Blood Vomit           n/a
Tracks of My Tears   Smokey Robinson         n/a
Train Round the Bend   Velvet Underground        
Trams of Old London       Yes    
Transparent Lover       Yes    
Trash       Yes    
Trilobite       Yes    
Tropical Flesh Mandala       Yes    
Tropical Hot Dog Night   Captain Beefheart         n/a
True to Life   Roxy Music         n/a
Truly, Truly   Grant Lee Phillips         n/a
Tryin' To Get To Heaven Before They Close the Door   Bob Dylan        
Tumbling Dice   Rolling Stones         n/a
Twenty-Four Hour Shop           n/a
Twist and Shout   The Beatles         n/a
U Got the Look   Prince         n/a
Ugly Nora       Yes    
Ultra Unbelievable Love       Yes    
Ulysses   James Joyce         n/a
Uncorrected Personality Traits       Yes     15 
Underground Sun       Yes    
The Underneath       Yes    
Underwater Moonlight       Yes     16 
The Uneven Duke           n/a
Unidentified Song       Yes     n/a
The Unpleasant Stain           n/a
Unprotected Love       Yes    
Unsettled       Yes    
untitled instrumental jam           n/a
Up On Cripple Creek   The Band         n/a
Up the Junction   Squeeze         n/a
Vegetable Friend       Yes    
Vegetable Girl           n/a
Vegetable Man   Syd Barrett     Yes    
Vegetation and Dimes       Yes    
The Veins of the Queen     Royal Mix   Yes    
Vengeance Is Mine           n/a
Vibrating       Yes    
Vicious   Lou Reed         n/a
Victorian Squid       Yes    
Video Cleaning Service           n/a
Visions of Johanna   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Viva! Sea-Tac       Yes    
The Vomiting Cross           n/a
Vyrna Knowl is a Headbanger       Yes    
W Sucks (But Rumsfeld Is the Anti-Christ)           n/a
The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show   The Band         n/a
Wadahumart           n/a
Wading Through a Ventilator       Yes     15 
Wafflehead       Yes    
Wah-Hoo!   Cliff Friend         n/a
Waiting For My Man   Lou Reed         n/a
Walk on the Wild Side   Lou Reed/David Bowie         n/a
A Walking Miracle   Limmie & the Family Cooking         n/a
Wang Dang Doodle   Willie Dixon         n/a
Wang Dang Pig       Yes    
Watch Your Intelligence       Yes    
Waterloo Sunset   Kinks        
Wax Doll       Yes    
We Like Bananas   Yacich        
Weasel Turned His Back (on New York City)           n/a
The Weight   Robbie Robertson         n/a
Welcome To Earth          
Well Well Well   John Lennon         n/a
Went to See the Gypsy   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
We're Bad People, We're Just Freaks           n/a
We're Gonna Live In the Trees          
Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole       Yes    
What a Wonderful World   Louis Armstrong         n/a
What Can You See If You Listen Very Quietly?           n/a
What Goes On   Velvet Underground         n/a
When I Was a Kid       Yes     19 
When I Was Dead       Yes    
When The Saints Come Marching In           n/a
When You Wish Upon A Star   Harline/Washington         n/a
When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman   Dr. Hook        
Where are the Prawns?       Yes    
Where Do You Go When You Die?       Yes    
Where Everybody Knows Your Name   theme from "Cheers"         n/a
WHFS Morning Song           n/a
WHFS Song           n/a
Which of Us is Me       Yes    
While My Guitar Gently Weeps   The Beatles         n/a
White Christmas   Berlin/Hitchcock   Starts out normal, then goes improv.       n/a
White City   Thomas Dolby         n/a
White Shoe Blues   R M Johnston arr Hea…        
Who Do You Love?   Bo Diddley         n/a
Why Don't We Do It in the Road?   The Beatles         n/a
Why Would Anybody Live Here?   The Sadies        
Wichita Lineman   Jimmy Webb         n/a
Wide Open Star       Yes    
Wild Honey Pie   The Beatles         n/a
Wild Mountain Thyme   Byrds     Yes    
Wild Thing   Troggs         n/a
Winchester       Yes    
The Wind Cries Mary   Jimi Hendrix        
Winter Love       Yes    
Wipe Out   Surfaris         n/a
Wish I Had My Baby   J Brown        
Withered and Died   Richard Thompson        
Within You, Without You   The Beatles         n/a
The Wolf House       Yes    
Wolfpack   Syd Barrett         n/a
Wolfpack Cheese Heaven           n/a
Women and Captains First           n/a
The Wreck of the Arthur Lee       Yes    
WUSB Radio ID           n/a
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus       Yes    
Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
The Yellow Snake   Incredible String Band         n/a
Yer Blues   The Beatles        
Yes I Do           n/a
Yes She's Gone           n/a
The Yip Song       Yes     15 
The Yodelling Hoover       Yes    
You Ain't Going Nowhere   Bob Dylan     Yes    
You and Me       Yes    
You and Oblivion       Yes    
You Can't Always Get What You Want   Rolling Stones         n/a
You Can't Do That   The Beatles         n/a
You Can't Judge A Book By the Cover   Willie Dixon         n/a
You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)   The Beatles         n/a
You Remind Me Of You       Yes    
You Want Me To Go           n/a
You Won't See Me   The Beatles         n/a
You'll Have to Go Sideways       Yes     10 
Young People Scream       Yes     13 
Your Day Will Come   Minus 5        
Your Feelings Are the Last Thing To Die           n/a
Your Sign Language           n/a
You're an Angel           n/a
You're So Repulsive           n/a
You're the One I Want           n/a
You've Got       Yes    
You've Got A Sweet Mouth On You Baby       Yes    
Zip Zip   James A. Smith     Yes    
Zipper in My Spine       Yes    


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