Robyn Hitchcock Song Catalogue

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Title Author Note Lyrics Tabbed Count
(A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs       Yes    
1974       Yes   Yes  
4th Time Around   Bob Dylan     Yes    
The Abandoned Brain       Yes    
Absolutely Sweet Marie   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Acid Bird       Yes     22 
Adoration of the City       Yes    
Adventure Rocket Ship       Yes    
Aether       Yes    
Agony of Pleasure       Yes   Yes   10 
Airscape       Yes     16 
Alien       Yes    
All I Have To Do Is Dream   Everly Brothers     Yes    
All I Wanna Do is Fall in Love       Yes    
Alright, Yeah     German, Swedish   Yes   Yes   16 
America       Yes     24 
Amputated       Yes    
Another Bubble       Yes    
Antwoman       Yes    
Aquarium       Yes    
Arms of Love       Yes    
As Lemons Chop       Yes    
The Asking Tree       Yes    
August Hair       Yes    
The Authority Box       Yes    
Autumn is Your Last Chance       Yes    
Autumn Sea       Yes    
Ballad of a Thin Man   Bob Dylan     Yes    
The Ballad of Hollis Brown   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Balloon Man       Yes     24 
Banana Boat Song   Belafonte/Burgess/Attaway     Yes    
Bass       Yes     10 
Beautiful Girl       Yes     11 
Beautiful Queen       Yes     12 
Bells of Rhymney   Pete Seeger/Idris Davies     Yes    
Belltown Ramble       Yes    
Billy 1   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Birds in Perspex       Yes    
Birdshead       Yes    
The Black Crow Knows       Yes    
Black Snake Diamond Rock       Yes    
Bloat       Yes    
Blowin' in the Wind   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Blues in A       Yes    
Blues in the Dark       Yes    
The Bones in the Ground       Yes    
Born in Time   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Brenda's Iron Sledge       Yes     23 
Bright Fresh Flower       Yes    
The Can Opener       Yes    
Captain Dry       Yes    
The Cars She Used to Drive       Yes     25 
Cathedral       Yes    
'Cause It's Love (Saint Parallelogram)   Robyn Hitchcock/Andy Partridge     Yes    
Certainly Clickot       Yes    
The Cheese Alarm       Yes    
Cherries       Yes    
Child of the Universe       Yes    
Chimes of Freedom   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Chinese Bones       Yes    
Chinese Water Python       Yes    
City of Shame       Yes     14 
City of Women       Yes    
Clean Steve       Yes     10 
Clothesline Saga   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Cold Turkey   John Lennon     Yes    
College of Ice       Yes    
Comin' Through       Yes    
Cool Bug Rumble       Yes    
The Crawling       Yes    
Cynthia Mask       Yes     11 
Daisy Bomb       Yes    
Dancing on God's Thumb       Yes    
Dark Green Energy       Yes    
Dark Princess       Yes    
De Chirico Street       Yes    
Desolation Row   Bob Dylan     Yes    
The Devil's Coachman       Yes    
The Devil's Radio       Yes    
Dignity   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Disconnection Of The Ruling Class       Yes    
Do Policemen Sing?       Yes    
Do the Chisel       Yes    
Don't You       Yes    
Dr. Sticky       Yes    
Dreams       Yes    
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)       Yes     13 
The Duke of Squeeze       Yes    
The Dust       Yes    
Dwarfbeat       Yes    
Each of Her Silver Wands       Yes    
Earthly Paradise       Yes    
Eaten By Her Own Dinner       Yes    
Eerie Green Storm Lantern       Yes    
Egyptian Cream     Demo version included on some versions of FegMania   Yes     24 
Eight Miles High   Byrds     Yes    
Elizabeth Jade       Yes    
Embryo Twirl       Yes    
Empty Girl       Yes    
Evil Guy       Yes    
Executioner       Yes    
The Face of Death       Yes     17 
Falling Leaves       Yes    
Fatman's Son       Yes    
Fiend Before the Shrine       Yes    
Fifty Two Stations       Yes     16 
Filthy Bird       Yes    
Flavour of Night       Yes    
Flesh Cartoons       Yes    
Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)       Yes     10 
The Fly       Yes     15 
Freeze     Shatter Mix   Yes   Yes   12 
Furry Green Atom Bowl       Yes    
Gene Hackman       Yes    
The Ghost Ship     Ghost Ship   Yes    
Give it to the Soft Boys       Yes     16 
Give Me a Spanner, Ralph       Yes    
Glass       Yes    
Glass Hotel       Yes     16 
A Globe of Frogs     Electric   Yes     19 
Goodbye Maurice or Steve       Yes    
Goodnight I Say       Yes    
The Green Boy       Yes    
Grooving on a Inner Plane     Grooving on AN Inner Plane   Yes     13 
Happy the Golden Prince       Yes    
Have a Heart, Betty (I'm Not Fireproof)     Have a Heart, Dennis (orig title)   Yes     14 
Hear My Brane       Yes     12 
Heart Full of Leaves       Yes    
Heaven       Yes     34 
Heliotrope       Yes    
He's a Reptile       Yes    
How Do You Work This Thing?       Yes     10 
Human Music       Yes    
I Am Not Me       Yes    
I Don't Believe You   Bob Dylan     Yes    
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I Feel Beautiful       Yes    
I Got a Message For You       Yes    
I Got the Hots       Yes     10 
I Love Lucy       Yes    
I Often Dream of Trains       Yes     13 
I Pity the Poor Immigrant   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I Saw Nick Drake       Yes    
I Something You       Yes   Yes  
I Used to Love You       Yes    
I Used to Say I Love You       Yes    
I Wanna Destroy You       Yes     17 
I Wanna, Er. . .       Yes    
I Want to Be An Anglepoise Lamp       Yes     10 
I Watch the Cars       Yes     10 
I Wish I Liked You       Yes    
The Idea Of You       Yes    
Idonia       Yes    
If I Could Look       Yes    
If You Go Away       Yes    
If You Know Time       Yes    
If You Were a Priest       Yes     17 
I'll Keep it With Mine   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
I'm Only You       Yes     15 
Innocent Boy   Hitchcock/Mayer     Yes    
Insanely Jealous       Yes     16 
Insect Mother       Yes    
Into It       Yes    
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry   Bob Dylan     Yes    
It Was the Night       Yes     12 
It's a Mystic Trip       Yes    
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   Bob Dylan     Yes    
It's Not Just the Size of a Walnut       Yes    
Japanese Captain       Yes    
Jewels for Sophia       Yes    
Judas Sings (Jesus & Me)       Yes    
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Keeping Still       Yes    
Kingdom of Love     "Disco" version   Yes     31 
Knife       Yes    
La Cherité       Yes    
Lady Waters and the Hooded One       Yes    
Leave Me Alone   Lou Reed     Yes    
Legalised Murder       Yes    
The Leopard       Yes    
Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Leppo and the Jooves       Yes     20 
Let Me Put It Next to You       Yes    
Let There Be More Darkness       Yes    
Let's Go Thundering       Yes   Yes  
Like a Rolling Stone   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Linctus House       Yes    
Lions and Tigers       Yes    
Listening to the Higsons       Yes     21 
The Live-in Years       Yes    
The Lizard       Yes    
Look into Your Mirror       Yes    
Love       Yes    
Love Minus Zero/No Limit   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Love Poisoning       Yes    
Luminous Rose       Yes   Yes  
Luxor       Yes    
Lysander       Yes    
Madonna of the Wasps       Yes     26 
The Man Who Invented Himself       Yes     10 
Man With a Woman's Shadow       Yes    
The Man With the Lightbulb Head       Yes     17 
Maria Lyn       Yes    
Matty Groves   Traditional, arr. Fairport Convention     Yes     n/a
Meat       Yes    
Mellow Together       Yes    
Messages of Dark       Yes    
Mexican God       Yes    
Midnight Fish       Yes     13 
The Moon Inside       Yes    
More Than This   Roxy Music     Yes    
Mr. Deadly       Yes    
Mr. Kennedy       Yes    
Mr. Rock 'N' Roll       Yes    
Mr. Tambourine Man   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Mr. Tongs       Yes    
Museum of Sex       Yes    
My Evaline   Traditional, arr. Hall     Yes    
My Favourite Buildings       Yes    
My Mind Is Connected. . .       Yes    
My Wife and My Dead Wife       Yes     26 
N.Y. Doll       Yes    
Narcissus       Yes    
NASA Clapping       Yes    
Never Stop Bleeding       Yes    
Nietzche's Way       Yes    
Nightride to Trinidad     "Disco" Version   Yes     16 
No Way Out of Time       Yes    
No, I Don't Remember Guildford       Yes    
Nocturne (Demise)       Yes   Yes  
Nocturne (Prelude)       Yes    
Nothing       Yes    
Oceanside       Yes     16 
Odds and Ends   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Old Pervert     I'm an Old Pervert (Disco version)   Yes     19 
Ole! Tarantula       Yes    
Om       Yes    
One L       Yes    
One Long Pair of Eyes       Yes     15 
One Too Many Mornings   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Only the Stones Remain       Yes     21 
Open the Door, Homer   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Out of the Picture       Yes    
Outlaw Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Over You   Roxy Music     Yes    
Penelope's Angles       Yes    
The Philosophers Stone       Yes    
The Pigworker       Yes    
The Pit Of Souls     Country Version, Parts I-IV   Yes    
Pledging My Time   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Point it at Gran       Yes    
Polly on the Shore   Fairport Convention     Yes    
Positive Vibrations       Yes     11 
The President       Yes    
Pulse Of My Heart       Yes    
Pulse of My Heart       Yes     n/a
Pulse Of My Heart       Yes    
Queen Elvis       Yes     14 
Queen Elvis II       Yes    
Queen Jane Approximately   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Queen of Eyes       Yes     17 
Railway Shoes       Yes    
Rain   The Beatles     Yes    
Rain, The       Yes     13 
Raining Twilight Coast       Yes     10 
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
The Rat's Prayer       Yes    
Raymond Chandler Evening       Yes     11 
Red Locust Frenzy       Yes    
The Return of the Sacred Crab       Yes    
Ride       Yes    
Rock 'n' Roll Toilet       Yes     10 
Round Song       Yes    
The Ruling Class       Yes    
Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Salamander       Yes    
Sally Was a Legend       Yes    
San Francisco (Flowers in Your Hair)   John Phillips     Yes     n/a
Sandra's Having Her Brain Out       Yes     12 
Satellite       Yes     12 
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)   Bob Dylan     Yes    
September Cones       Yes    
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom       Yes    
The Shapes Between Us Turn into Animals       Yes    
She Belongs to Me   Bob Dylan     Yes    
She Doesn't Exist       Yes    
She Reached For a Light       Yes    
She Wears My Hair       Yes    
Shelter from the Storm   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Shuffling Over the Flagstones       Yes    
Silent Night   Traditional     Yes     n/a
Sinister But She Was Happy       Yes    
Skool Dinner Blues       Yes    
A Skull, a Suitcase, and a Long Red Bottle of Wine       Yes    
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask       Yes    
(Like a Real) Smoothie       Yes    
So You Think You're in Love       Yes     29 
Solpadeine       Yes    
Some Body       Yes    
Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl       Yes     16 
Somewhere Apart       Yes    
Song No. 4       Yes    
The Sound Of Sound       Yes    
Sounds Great When You're Dead       Yes    
The Speed of Things       Yes    
St. Petersburg       Yes     10 
Star of Hairs       Yes    
Statue with a Walkman       Yes    
Stranded in the Future       Yes    
Strange       Yes    
Strawberry Mind       Yes    
Strings       Yes    
Stuck in the Middle With You   Stealer's Wheel     Yes     n/a
Sudden Town       Yes    
Superman       Yes    
Surgery       Yes    
Sweet Ghost of Light       Yes    
Swirling       Yes    
Take Your Knife Out of My Back       Yes    
Ted, Woody, and Junior       Yes   Yes  
Tell Me About Your Drugs       Yes    
Tell Me Mama   Bob Dylan     Yes    
That's When Your Heartaches Begin   Fisher, Hill, Raskin     Yes    
Then You're Dust       Yes    
There's Nobody Like You     aka "I Don't Mind Dressing in Black"   Yes    
This Could Be the Day       Yes    
This is How it Feels       Yes    
Tiny Montgomery   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
To Be Alone with You   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Tombstone Blues   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Tonight       Yes    
Too Much of Nothing   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Trams of Old London       Yes    
Transparent Lover       Yes    
Trash       Yes    
Trilobite       Yes    
Tropical Flesh Mandala       Yes    
Ugly Nora       Yes    
Ultra Unbelievable Love       Yes    
Uncorrected Personality Traits       Yes     15 
Underground Sun       Yes    
The Underneath       Yes    
Underwater Moonlight       Yes     16 
Unidentified Song       Yes     n/a
Unprotected Love       Yes    
Unsettled       Yes    
Vegetable Friend       Yes    
Vegetable Man   Syd Barrett     Yes    
Vegetation and Dimes       Yes    
The Veins of the Queen     Royal Mix   Yes    
Vibrating       Yes    
Victorian Squid       Yes    
Visions of Johanna   Bob Dylan     Yes    
Viva! Sea-Tac       Yes    
Vyrna Knowl is a Headbanger       Yes    
Wading Through a Ventilator       Yes     15 
Wafflehead       Yes    
Wang Dang Pig       Yes    
Watch Your Intelligence       Yes    
Wax Doll       Yes    
Went to See the Gypsy   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole       Yes    
When I Was a Kid       Yes     19 
When I Was Dead       Yes    
Where are the Prawns?       Yes    
Where Do You Go When You Die?       Yes    
Which of Us is Me       Yes    
Wide Open Star       Yes    
Wild Mountain Thyme   Byrds     Yes    
Winchester       Yes    
Winter Love       Yes    
The Wolf House       Yes    
The Wreck of the Arthur Lee       Yes    
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus       Yes    
Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread   Bob Dylan     Yes     n/a
The Yip Song       Yes     15 
The Yodelling Hoover       Yes    
You Ain't Going Nowhere   Bob Dylan     Yes    
You and Me       Yes    
You and Oblivion       Yes    
You Remind Me Of You       Yes    
You'll Have to Go Sideways       Yes     10 
Young People Scream       Yes     13 
You've Got       Yes    
You've Got A Sweet Mouth On You Baby       Yes    
Zip Zip   James A. Smith     Yes    
Zipper in My Spine       Yes    


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