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Daring to Dream the Impractical by John H. Hedges

The actual title is JH3 Stories; we just like text-shadowing effects here (as if you hadn't noticed). This is just a short, unfinished collection of John Hedges' written stuff, most of which used to be on's "Silly Page." We hope you'll find this new format more convenient. If not, we hope you'll forgive us, because we're not bringing the Silly Page back, ever. This is version 1 of the e-Book, and it will probably undergo many, many revisions before it's well and truly finished. Everything's here - short stories, parodies, jokes, musings, rants, recipes, and ravings. But NO poetry!

The Moonstone by Willkie Collins

This was quite a challenge from a desktop-publisher's perspective, because of the unusual number of different headings, inset quotes, and so on. The idea here is to provide a sample of JH3 Software LLC's efforts at long-document formatting. (If you want to know how good we are at spelling, you could try finding a spelling error anywhere on this web site. As for grammar, well... you'll just have to trust us.) The Moonstone is quite a yarn, actually, and terribly underrated, though it does reflect a certain colonialist attitude, popular among early-20th century Brits.

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More to come...

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