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All of the fonts below were designed by John H. Hedges, President of JH3 Software LLC. All comments below were written by him, too. He just does all sorts of things. Click on each font's name to download it.

JH3 Bammerscript

My first font, and probably the least likely to make it into in a real-world print design. to some extent I was just fascinated by the font design program I was using, and went overboard. What can I say?

JH3 Euroblower

An attempt to capture the then-ultramodern look of a font called Emblem, but somehow make it more... personal. Not entirely successful, perhaps, but still my favorite of all the fonts I've designed.

JH3 Handpainted

After designing JH3 Euroblower, I wanted to do something a bit more... earthy. You know, old-fashioned looking. This ended up being a bit too earthy and old-fashioned looking for widespread use, but you might find it handy for simulating things like embroidered text.

JH3 Squarebuttle

Most people tell me this is my best font, or at least the one they'd be most likely to use. To be honest, I've almost never used it for anything, myself, wheras I've used JH3 Euroblower and JH3 Handpainted many times. You be the judge...?

Fegmania Caps

Of all the fonts here, this one is the most popular; it's based on the distinct handwriting of Robyn Hitchcock, world-famous musician, performer, author, and general all-around interesting guy. To any fegmaniax who happen to be reading this: Sorry I haven't been in touch; I'll reappear one of these days, and on that day, the world...will...tremble...

Sandburger Carved

This is based on the carved letters found on the big concrete landmark at the entrance to that world-renowned institution of higher learning, Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. Apparently whoever designed the landmark also designed these letters, but didn't publish the design. Not that they're all that spectacular-looking, but I just felt they should be preserved electronically in case the folks at Carl's ever decide to replace the existing landmark with a Bob's Big Boy sign. 

2003 JH3 Software LLC. All Rights Reserved. Last Update: July 4, 2003.