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JH3's SalesLogix CheckBox Control

The problem with the existing SalesLogix ActiveX Checkbox control is that you can't tell if a change has occurred in it because the user clicked it, or because the database field bound to it has changed because the user opened up a new or different record for editing. Don't blame SalesLogix, though - their version is just a derivative of the common Windows checkbox control, and that's good enough for most people. But if you're not satisfied with that, and don't mind distributing 500K OCX files just for one checkbox control, we offer this free version that gives you separate OnClick and OnChange events, as well as some nifty additional visual styles. Our version doesn't respond to keyboard events, other than the accelerator key, but who knows, some might think that's an improvement too! It comes in a simple PKZIP archive, not in its own installer, so to make it work you have to RegSvr32 the file yourself. We're not sure why anyone would want this, actually.

JH3 Calculator Screen Shot

JH3's Printing Calculator

JH3 Sez:  I'd had this program lying around for a long time, and I was just getting around to finalizing it for this very web page, when I got the Windows XP "Do Amazing Things" DVD-ROM from Micro$oft in the mail. And sure enough, on this DVD there's the Windows XP Powertoy Calculator, which is basically the same thing as the program I had but with many more math functions. Not much chance of big sales after that, I figured, but you might prefer this program anyway, because it has bigger buttons, lets you reopen a saved "tape" file, lets you operate on the value in memory with a separate smaller calculator (see picture), and it actually prints (in three columns, even), whereas the Powertoy forces you to copy and paste the history text-box into Notepad.


JH3 Command Line e-Mailer Screen Shot

JH3's Automatic e-Mailer

Just about every program in the world these days can send e-mail, but if you're still using some ancient system that can't (and also can't use DDE, OLE, or whatever), but can create a text file and "shell out" to an external program, you can pass this program a filename and it will use the settings in that file (To address, From address, subject line, etc.) to send an e-mail. Hardly a groundbreaking application, but it used to be fairly handy.


JH3's DFM Textractor for Delphi

This is a utility for Delphi programmers that will take the text version of a .DFM file, extract all captions, hints, titles, and the contents of string lists, and then put them in a single line, with each string separated by semicolons. We use it for simple translations - someday it may even be enhanced so that it will actually go out to Babelfish and get translated versions of the resulting strings. (Okay, not really.)

More to come...?

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